Top 10 DIY TMNT Party Ideas

Have you seen the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie yet? If your child’s a fan too, then infuse their next birthday with a little Turtle Power! If you haven’t seen our blog post about TMNT party supplies, you can see it here. Now, we’ve searched the sewers for the best DIY Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles decorations and recipes around, and we’ve found 10 that, as Michelangelo might say, are totally radical. Keep on reading to see our list of top TMNT tips, and just like the Turtles, you can save the day too!


Decorate with masked paper lanterns.

paper lanterns

Green paper lanterns can be made to look just like the friendly faces of Leo, Don, Raph, and Mikey. Use colored crepe paper or tape to make the masks, and add some googly eyes on top!
We have a great DIY Cityscape Room Décor Kit that takes this simple project and expands upon it to give the party a major wow factor!

Turtles DIY 1

This decorating kit includes a huge, colorful cityscape backdrop, a totally radical giant TMNT wall decal, and everything else you need to transform your living room into a veritable playground for all things teenaged, mutated and ninja-fied.

Balloons can be masked, too.

Our DIY Cityscape Wall Décor kit includes a cityscape stand-up, a TMNT Happy Birthday banner, and all the stuff you need to make these cute balloons. Don’t forget the helium tank, though!

Turtles DIY 2


Now here is a similar idea for the balloons, only this time the eyes are holes cut into the crepe paper itself. They look a little more menacing. You can use these as a centerpiece on the table, or fill with helium and make a TMNT balloon bouquet.

Credit: SugarTot

Credit: SugarTot


Don’t neglect the napkins.

TMNT party rule #1: if it’s green, and if it qualifies as party supplies, it’s getting a ninja mask. This time, the masks are colored curling ribbon and googly eyes.

Turtles DIY 5

Our DIY Ninja Turtles Table Décor kit gives you everything you need to get this look.

The kids get masks too!

Credit: TheElise

Credit: TheElise

With all these masked decorations, we nearly forgot about TMNT dress-up! The idea for these felt DIY ninja masks comes from – the how-tos are in Norwegian, but the photos along with the tutorial make it crystal clear!


Make your own sewer slime.

via Pinterest

via Pinterest

Slime is a great DIY toy for the kids to play with, and it will help them “mutate” to get ready for the TMNT party! has two great homemade slime recipes to try – this one is the classic cornstarch and water mixture, and this one is based off of white school glue.

Satisfy that Turtle Sweet Tooth!

Turtles DIY 4

Our DIY Treat Bucket Favors kit is sure to be a hit with all the party-goers.  The bucket functions as part of the decoration scheme and the water bottles can be prizes for whoever wins these fun DIY party games.

Play “Pin the Toppings on the Pizza.”

Credit: Tara Donne

Credit: Tara Donne

What do the Turtles love more than almost anything? Pizza, of course! Make a pizza-shaped game board like the one above with poster board or construction paper. Have the party guests, blindfolded, try to stick pepperonis (paper circles with double-sided Scotch tape) to each slice.

You can also pin the masks on the Turtles.

Credit: Erica Samm

Credit: Erica Samm

The object is the same in this party game – who can get the mask closest to the Turtle without looking?

Display a buffet of green candy in Turtle-esque containers.

via Pinterest

via Pinterest

Green taffy, gumballs, and licorice look great like this. Mask some tall glass jars or apothecary jars with colored crepe, and arrange on the table as a centerpiece.

Create DIY TMNT party favor bags.

Credit: Mommy's Fabulous Finds

Credit: Mommy’s Fabulous Finds

Using plain green paper gift bags as a base, add the Turtles using pieces of craft foam. Fill them up with your child’s favorite favors, and hand them out to the guests so they go home happy!


Did you grow up with the Turtles when you were a kid? Does your child love TMNT as much as we do?
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