D.I.Y. Dr. Seuss Party Ideas

A very big Happy Birthday to you, Theodor Seuss Geisel! March 2nd marks the birthday of one of the most beloved children’s writers of all time. To celebrate, we’re showing off our collection of Dr. Seuss party supplies as well as some fun ways that you can throw the ultimate D.I.Y. Dr. Seuss party for your child!

D.I.Y. Dr. Seuss Table Décor

Whether it’s popcorn and pretzels or fresh fruit, these table settings are an easy way to make any Dr. Seuss snacks table look gorgeous.


For this D.I.Y. party idea, you’ll need:

Each little bundle of plastic silverware is just a simple pouch folded from a red paper napkin. Take a napkin – still folded, right out of the package – and fold it into thirds by folding the left and right sides towards the middle. Secure the sides with small pieces of Scotch tape, and flip the napkin over so that any tape is on the back.

Make sure the folds are nicely creased so that the pouch stays together, and insert each pair of plastic spoons and forks. Finish by placing a Dr. Seuss sticker on the front of each tableware pouch.

To display our place settings, we’re using a classic red and white popcorn box. Add some more Dr. Seuss flair by wrapping a length of red crepe paper around the center of the box, and holding it in place with a small piece of tape and a round paper label. Circles of colored paper can be used for this step, too.

Add a Dr. Seuss sticker on top of that, place all the settings into the popcorn box, and you’re all set! A platter of colorful fruit, like orange slices, grapes, and berries, looks particularly nice when paired with these decorations.



DIY Dr. Seuss Centerpieces

Bring some “one fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish” fun to the party with this easy centerpiece idea!


For this D.I.Y. party idea, you’ll need:

Into the bottom of a yellow metal bucket, place a small piece of Styrofoam or floral foam from your local craft store to act as the base for the centerpiece. These mini buckets are only about five inches across and deep, so you won’t need too much. Stuff the rest of the bucket with some red tulle fabric to hide the foam. In lieu of tulle, you can substitute crumpled or shredded paper or gift wrap, or any scrap fabric you have handy.

Cut out the shape of a “#1” numeral, or the number of your child’s birthday, from some colorful scrapbook paper or construction paper. Tape it, along with some Dr. Seuss cutouts to a piece of wooden dowel. In a pinch, you can also use a pencil, chopstick, wood skewer, or any sort of long craft stick instead. Either way, stick the decorated dowel into the foam so that it stands upright.

Cut another small piece of tulle and use it to tie a bow around the bucket to finish the decoration. Decorative ribbon or curling ribbon can also be used for this step.


DIY Dr. Seuss Balloon Wreath

No helium? No problem! Nobody ever said you needed to fill balloons to make them into amazing party decorations. Follow these steps to make an easy DIY balloon wreath that will never go flat.


For this D.I.Y. party idea, you’ll need:

For this project, you’ll need oodles of blue and red balloons! We ended up using about 20 packs of six ballons of each color, but your mileage may vary. You’ll also need a 15-inch or similarly sized foam craft wreath and a way to attach the balloons to it. We recommend straight sewing pins for this, since they’re easy to hide in the finished product, but you can also use tacks or staples.

To attach the balloons to the wreath, take one balloon of each color and bunch them together. Secure the couple into place by inserting a sewing pin straight through both balloons into the wreath. Repeat this all the way around the wreath, layering and overlapping the balloons as you go. Hot glue may also be used to tack down the balloons and arrange them in a way that looks good to you.

Loop a length of curling ribbon around the finished wreath enough times to create a sturdy hanging loop. Cut the loop at the length you want, and secure the free end with a knot. Finally, use a small piece of tape or some hot glue to secure the Cat in the Hat cutout to the middle of the wreath.

We hung our balloon wreath alongside some other Dr. Seuss decorations and wall decals, as well. Experiment with things like crepe paper, paper lanterns, and balloons (inflated, this time!) for a unique party look!


DIY Dr. Seuss Wall Decorations

Combine classic party decorations to create something special with this DIY party idea.


For this D.I.Y. party idea, you’ll need:


Here’s another great way to decorate your child’s birthday party with balloons, without the need for helium (you might want to use a bicycle pump to spare your lungs the work, though!).

Once you’ve blown up all of the balloons, use Scotch tape to stick them to the wall however you like. We decided to go with a sort of a square, geometric-looking pattern, with the red and white and blue balloons pretty evenly spaced. Another cute idea would be to create your child’s first initial in the balloons – you can let them help come up with the design, too!

With the balloons up, it’s time to add the tissue paper puffs. They assemble really easily out of the package, so stick them to the wall with tape once they’re together. Place them near the top outside edges of your balloons, and add scrunches of tulle fabric for a framing effect.


Dr. Seuss Dress-Up

Now that we’ve showed you how you can create a fun and unique atmosphere for your child’s Dr. Seuss birthday party, we have to mention Dr. Seuss costumes! Birthday boys and girls should look the part for the occasion, and dress-up really completes the full 360-degree party theme. These accessories can be combined in all sorts of different ways for endless amounts of fun.


Obviously, getting to dress up like the Cat in the Hat or Thing 1 and Thing 2 is pretty much the best thing ever when you’re a kid, but a few fun accessories can be just as awesome. Sometimes, all you need is a hat to get into character, though girls might also prefer Cat in the Hat leg warmers or fuzzy gloves. Even Dr. Seuss T-shirts go a long way towards making a Dr. Seuss party theme extra special, and they keep things easy and simple, too.


Cat in the Hat hats make can make perfect birthday party favors – winners of party games (Pin the Hat on the Cat, anyone?) can take them home as special prizes. Alternative options to the classic red and white stripes include this cool bucket hat, this Cat in the Hat headband (cat ears included!), and this Dr. Seuss birthday hat with a design that’s straight out of the Doctor’s illustrations.


Dr. Seuss costumes can also work wonders if you’re helping to organize a Hats Off to Reading Day of your own for a whole classroom of kiddos! Children can take turns reading their favorite stories, with the reader wearing the Cat in the Hat’s signature chapeau and passing it along. Or, maybe the teacher can take on the role of the Cat himself with a Cat in the Hat costume! (Yes, plenty of options for costumes for adults are available, too – can’t let the kids have all the fun, right?)


Are you celebrating your child’s next birthday with a Dr. Seuss Birthday Party? What was your favorite Seuss book when you were a kid? What kind of birthday party themes should we show off next? Find us on Facebook and Twitter @BirthdayExpress to tell us what you think! Check out our Pinterest boards for even more amazing party ideas, too.


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