DIY Ninja Birthday Party Ideas

Ninja Warrior is a complete theme of ninja party supplies that we’ve designed with every aspect of the awesome art of the ninja in mind – weapons, warriors, and looking really, really cool. If your little boy would love to be a ninja-in-training for his next birthday, then look no further.

We’ve also come up with some easy DIY party ideas for this theme that you can use to make it even more amazing. Keep on reading to check them out!

D.I.Y. Ninja Warrior Chair Cover

Turn any ordinary chair into a part of the party decorations! We’re well aware that excited kids at a birthday party are unlikely to stay seated for long, but this is still and easy decoration to make that does wonders for tying together a room.

diy ninja party chair cover

All you need for this super simple DIY craft is a roll of red crepe paper, and a Ninja Warrior party plate to make use of its printed design. Both of these are included in the kit – all you’ll need are some scissors and tape (and a chair).

Begin by taping the free end of the crepe paper at the top of the chair without cutting any paper off the roll. Then, wrap the crepe paper around the back of the chair, starting at the top and working your way down.

Overlap each layer with the previous one every time you go around the chair, to ensure that there are no gaps. You should be able to decorate two to three chairs like this with a single roll of crepe, depending on the size of the chairs, and you’ll get four rolls in the kit.

The end goal here is to make the back of the chair look like a ninja hood. Once you’ve reached the bottom of the back of the chair, cut your crepe off and secure the end with tape. If you wound it tightly enough, there shouldn’t be any need to go back and re-tape in any places, but do that if necessary.

For the finishing touch, give your ninja some eyes! Our ninja plates feature the perfect design for the job, so cut them out with a pair of scissors and attach to the center of the decorated chair back with a loop of tape.


D.I.Y. Ninja Warrior Party Favor Boxes

Take some inspiration from the classic shape of takeout containers to create the ultimate ninja party favor box – it’s definitely a fitting form for goodies that the guests will be taking home.

diy ninja party favors boxes

Red takeout containers are already pretty stylish, but we’re looking for a little more ninja flair for this party. Black crepe paper and ninja stickers will do the trick just fine.  Our DIY kit contains enough party supplies to create eight party favor boxes, but you can always adjust the amount of each component if you need more.

First, you should decide on the different trinkets and treats you want to use in your boxes! For a ninja party, we recommend party favors like these tumbling ninja toys or foam shurikens. Small packages of snacks and sweets are never a bad idea, either. These boxes can even be used as cupcake boxes.

Once your boxes are filled to the brim, wrap black crepe around each box to make a vertical stripe and secure it in place with a piece of tape. Use some ninja stickers to decorate the front of each party favor box.

The stickers themselves can be used to make each box a little bit different, too, since they come in several different designs. Seal one box with the mark of a mighty dragon, and let the face of a ninja warrior guard another. Optionally, tie some wooden skewers or chopsticks with a small piece of yarn (not included in kit) to play up the “takeout box” look.

Aside from party favors, these boxes make great prizes for ninja themed party games. The ninja-in-training with the best-honed stealth skills in hide-and-seek or the best throwing star accuracy can take home a special prize!


D.I.Y. Ninja Warrior Balloon Decorations

Create an army of ninja decorations to stand guard over the entire party scene!

diy ninja balloons

Once again, we’ll be using these ninja plates to create the ninja look for these decorations, and there are enough of them in this kit to decorate eight balloons.

Use any combination you like of red, white, and black balloons for this DIY craft. Inflate them all with helium and tie a length of curling ribbon to each one. With some scissors, curl up some more pieces of ribbon and attach them at the knot of each balloon to create bunches of curls.

Complete these decorations by attaching a ninja eyes cutout from the plates with some tape to each balloon. Secure balloons at varying heights to create balloon bouquets.

As an alternate or addition to curling ribbon, you can incorporate crepe paper into this decoration, too – attach twisted lengths of crepe to the base of each balloon for a fun look. Pairing these balloons with other decorations like paper lanterns also looks fantastic.


D.I.Y. Ninja Warrior Room Decorations

Ninja paper lanterns – what a coincidence! Here’s how to get a great Ninja Warrior look across the entire room for your child’s party.

diy ninja birthday party theme decorations

This kit contains all the decorations and party supplies you need to set the scene.

Begin by assembling all of the fluffy tissue paper decorations and paper lanterns – they go together really quickly and easily right out of the box. Then, give each lantern the ninja eyes treatment as we’ve demonstrated in the other projects. Hang your newly ninja-fied paper lanterns around the room at varying heights, and align the tissue paper puffs in a line near the top of the wall.

Use red and black crepe to create twisted lines coming down from the tissue puffs, all the way to the ground. To get the look, secure crepe at the top of the wall, twist it as you unroll, then secure it at the bottom. Small pieces of crepe paper can also be used to decorate paper cups or make fun bottle wraps – just use a piece of tape to hold it together in the back and place a ninja sticker on the front.

Turn some metallic silver plates into ninja star decorations! To get the effect, cut a ninja star shape from each plate. Bend each edge of the stars upwards to create a three-dimensional effect, and attach them to the wall with tape.


Will you be throwing a ninja themed party for your child’s next birthday? What kind of birthday party themes and ideas should we come up with next? If you liked this post and want to see more like it, then let us know! Find us on Facebook or on Twitter @BirthdayExpress to share what you think, and check out our Pinterest boards for even more great party ideas, too.


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