Carnival Party

One of our most popular party themes year after year is our Carnival theme, especially during the summer. It’s the perfect time for it, really. State and county fairs are cropping up all over and millions of people are shooting things into clown’s mouths and taste-testing all manner of deep fried desserts. Maybe the popularity of the Carnival party is due to the appeal of bringing the fun of the state fair into your living room — well, maybe except for the livestock exhibition. That might get a little messy.
So why not try the next best thing, and throw a Carnival party that won’t break the bank on your cleaning budget?

Click here to take the Carnival Party outside, further saving your carpet. 

Carnival Table

The key to a great party design is bright colors, and the Carnival theme certainly has a lot of those.


Start your party off with brightly colored tableware and party essentials. You can get everything you see here in our Express Value Party Pack.

Carnival Cutlery

To make these colorful cutlery pouches, combine blue and red solid color napkins by folding them as shown, inserting a plastic fork and spoon, and wrapping them in a length of decorative ribbon from your local craft store.  It’s an easily accomplished project that really adds an extra layer of texture and color to your party table design.

Also, did you know that during the heyday of the traveling carnival back in the 1800s, when the carnival came to your town, the circus came with it? It’s true! And in that spirit, we’ve designed a party that’s the best of both worlds.


This clown centerpiece really brings the carnival under the big top.

Carnival Decals

These small wall-decals are completely removable and reusable, so after the party, they can go up in the birthday kid’s bedroom or in the play room.

Party Figurines

We added little DIY party hats to our miniature plastic circus animals, to make sure they were properly dressed for the festivities.  Your child probably has a few of these lying around the house somewhere, and if not, they’re easy to find at most toy stores. They’re really great accessories for your table decorations, and the guests can take one home as a favor!


Every party needs balloons, right? And if those balloons are in the shape of a lion, an elephant and a trained seal, so much the better!

Balloon Bouquet

We also have this fantastic Carnival balloon bouquet!

Inflatable Animals_Carnival 5

These inflatables aren’t exactly balloons, but this tiger, this lion and this elephant are definitely cute as can be, and ready to fill out the party guest list or take a dip in the pool!

Game_Carnival 3

Here’s a classic party game with a fun new twist — instead of pin the tail on the donkey, it’s pin the nose on the clown!

Pinata Montage

Speaking of classic party activities, we have three different Carnival and circus themed piñatas, just waiting to give up their tasty goodies!

Carnival Favor Box

Looking for ideas for party favors?  Try these pre-filled favor boxes, sure to send the guests home happy!

Carnival Tableware

Time for the best part of any party: The delicious snacks!

Carnival Ring Toss Bottles

These are simple glass soda bottles. We washed them out and removed their labels, then filled them with different flavors of sport drink. Shower curtain rings make for the perfect size rings. And there you have it! Instant indoor Ring Toss Game!

Carnival Popcorn Balls

These popcorn balls are made with homemade air popped popcorn and melted marshmallows. Once the marshmallows cooled, but were still sticky, we formed them into balls, we rolled them in rainbow sprinkles. Here’s a simple recipe. Then we displayed them in this bowl, perfect for our party theme!

Cupcake Sno-Cones

These Snow Cone Cupcakes are just simple vanilla cupcakes with different colors of frosting applied in thirds. Then we dusted them with white sparkling sugar (that baking aisle at the craft store sure is a magical place!), and fanned out the cupcake wrappers. The polka dot cupcake picks come from this cupcake decorating kit.

Cake Toppers

And finally, here we have the centerpiece of every party menu: the cake! Ours is just a store-bought chocolate cake with vanilla frosting, but we dressed it up with triangles of fondant that we got from the baking aisle of our local craft store, as well as this super cute Big Top decorating kit!

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Have we inspired you to turn your living room into a Carnival?
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