Batman Party

The Dark Knight is one of our favorite superheroes of all-time, and our collection of Batman party supplies definitely backs that up. If your caped crusader is celebrating a birthday soon, then we have plenty of awesome ideas to help you throw the best party ever. Keep on reading to learn more!

Batman Party Supplies


All of these Batman party supplies, from plates and cups to napkins, feature colorful illustrations and designs that look just like your child’s favorite cartoons and comics. They’ll make any table look incredible! As for party favors, disc launchers, giant erasers, and Batman tattoos are just the beginning. Try on some Batman costumes and dress-up items for a way to really make the party special!

Batman_LS  (6)

To build your own Batman look, add basic solid color party supplies and patterns into the decorations – layering different things together is always the key to a unique party theme. We used a few polka dotted straws here. Batman party supplies also work well in conjunction with other superhero party supplies.

Batman Decorating Ideas

Turn your living room into a scene right out of Gotham City!

Batman Wall Decorations

Batman_LS main

We used this giant superhero comic standup city to get a look for our Batman party that’s right out of a comic book, right down to the bams and pows! Enough stylized city skyline is included to create a mini Gotham just about anywhere – you can also add superhero wall decals into the scene to provide even more superhero action. All of these decorations are totally removable and reusable, too. 

Batman Room Decorations

Batman_LS  (8)

Batman swirl decorations provide the images of the Dark Knight himself, in a few different action-packed poses. Have him swooping in over the table to save the day, or let him lurk and hang from the ceiling. These multicolored hanging swirls can also be paired with twisted strands of crepe paper for a coordinated look.

Batman Paper Lanterns

Batman_LS  (7)

Here’s an easy DIY party decoration that will help your child’s party look amazing. Yellow paper lanterns provide the perfect 3D background for a Bat-Signal. Once you have one assembled, add a Batman symbol made from black construction paper, and make it a part of your Gotham City backdrop.

Batman Party Food Ideas

What’s a birthday party without special snacks? Here are our Top 3 food ideas for a Batman party.


Batman_LS  (5)

Start your preparations for this party snack by taking a round cookie cutter to some slices of white of bread – select a size closest to the size of the bread to avoid waste. Then, sliced cheese and salami or another favorite sandwich meat are added on top. A bat cookie cutter left over from Halloween certainly looks the part, but you can always make do with some stars or other basic shapes.

Cut some yellow or black construction paper into small Batman symbols and use Scotch tape to attach them to toothpicks – by using double-sided tape and “sandwiching” the toothpicks between two layers of paper, you can get a cool two-color look.

Batman Fruit Platter


Fresh fruit is always perfect option for a healthy snack.  Peeled orange slices and blueberries are already great (and great-tasting) finger foods, too, but we’ve given them a little more Batman flair to fit with the rest of the party theme!

On a cookie sheet, serving platter, or large plate, add a layer of orange slices. Clear a space in the shape of the Batman logo, and fill it in with berries to get the look! You can also choose use any other similarly colored fruits for this food idea. For example, banana slices, pineapple pieces, blackberries, or purple grapes can be substituted or mixed in for variety.

Bat-Signal Brownies

Batman_LS  (2)

A special Batman dessert ought to have the symbol of Batman himself, and this easy decorating technique couldn’t be simpler. Once your child’s favorite batch of brownies are baked and sliced, create a Batman stencil by printing an image of the Batman logo onto cardstock or thick paper and cutting it out.

Place the stencil on top of the brownie, and dust with confectioner’s sugar. Gently lift off the stencil to reveal the decoration. The white sugar background and the chocolate brownie look just like the Bat-Signal spotlight on a dark sky!


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