7 Easy How To Train Your Dragon Party Tips

How to Train Your Dragon 2 has been one of the biggest kids’ movies at this summer’s box office! If your child has a birthday coming up soon, and is a huge fan of Hiccup and Toothless, then celebrate with How to Train Your Dragon party supplies from Birthday Express!

httyd product

Once you get your hands on these party supplies, you’re almost there! But, there are a million more things you can do with this party theme. Here are 7 How To Train Your Dragon birthday party ideas we found that will make your child’s birthday even more amazing and memorable.

Decorate the party food like Viking longboats.

via Pinterest

via Pinterest

Use a couple of wooden skewers, either taped or rubber banded into a cross, to build the masts. Then, stab paper sails, complete with Viking emblem, over the top. Oars can be made from skewers and paper cutouts too.

Cupcakes can be given the same sort of look as well.

httyd product - cupcakes

It’s the same idea, only on a smaller scale. Instead of large skewers, we used lollipop sticks to top the cupcakes. Also, there is no cross-piece; the stick is just through two holes in the paper.

Or, make fire-breathing cupcakes!

Credit: Beki Cook's Cake Blog

Credit: Beki Cook’s Cake Blog

There’s a great tutorial on Beki Cook’s Cake Blog on how to swirl together different colors of icing in a single pastry bag. She used yellow, orange, and red here for a fiery effect. Looks like a dragon got to them first!

Make fun dragon rider shields for every guest.

Credit: Boys and Joys

Credit: Boys and Joys

These shields were cut from foam core board – give one to each child, and turn the decorating process into a fun party activity! How to Train Your Dragon costumes make these shields even more fun.

Play this dragon tail party game.

Credit: Bug Boo and Bean

Credit: Bug Boo and Bean

The how-tos on these adorable dragon tails are available over at Running With Scissors, and the idea for the game comes from Bug Boo and Bean. Which child can knock over the most bottles with their tail?

Create DIY dragon egg piñatas.

Credit: The Crafty Conundrum

Credit: The Crafty Conundrum

To get the basic shape, blow up a balloon, and use it as a form to make a papier-mâché shell that’s a few dozen layers thick. Pop the balloon once everything is dry, and you’re left with a hollow egg that you can paint, stuff with treats, and string up! With small balloons, you can even make “personal piñatas” for each guest.

Free printable How To Train Your Dragon activities.


The official How To Train Your Dragon website has plenty of fun downloadable activities for kids. There are mazes, puzzles, coloring sheets, and more.

Bonus Round: This amazing Toothless cake!

Credit: My Cake Corner

Credit: My Cake Corner

Okay, you got us – we would not classify this as an “easy party idea” either. But, we were just so blown away by this creative confection that we simply had to share it! Click here to check out how Andrea of My Cake Corner achieved this design.

Does your child love the How to Train Your Dragon movies as much as we do? Did you ever have a movie-themed birthday party when you were a kid? What party should we design next? Follow on Facebook and Twitter @BirthdayExpress and let us know your thoughts! Check out our Pinterest boards too, for even more great kids party tips and ideas.

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