2nd Birthday Party Ideas

Your kids are always number one, so when they turn two, it’s twice as big of a deal! Creative second birthday ideas and crafting the perfect experience for your child can be as easy as it is fun. Plus, you’re guaranteed to get some great family photos to bring out when they’re a little older.

Keep on reading to see some of our favorite second birthday party themes and ideas.

Second Birthday Party Ideas

First, let’s talk a little bit about the basics – these are the party supplies that no second birthday can go without. With these, it’s extremely easy to turn any birthday party theme into a stunning 2nd birthday!


Adding a 2nd birthday candle to any cake or cupcake immediately makes it more special. Little princesses are sure to appreciate purple, and colors like red and blue are also available. Molded candles come in plenty of other shapes and sizes too, so click here to shop our complete collection of birthday candles.


Balloons are one of the most important birthday party decorations, too, and 2nd birthday balloons are perfect for the occasion. Go for a more standard shape of latex party balloon, patterned with stars and the number itself, or get a couple of blue or pink jumbo foil #2 balloons. Either way, be sure to remember the helium.

Click here to discover 10 amazing DIY crafts you can do with balloons at your child’s next birthday party.

Sesame Street Party Ideas


Are there any two-year-olds that don’t love Sesame Street (we still love it, and we’re adults)? Just about everybody has grown up with Sesame Street, and now it’s your child’s turn! With Sesame Street party supplies, you can create some amazing second birthday party themes with your kid’s favorite characters.


Click here to check out our collection of Sesame Street party supplies and build your child’s birthday. Cookie Monster, Big Bird, Abby Cadabby, and the whole cast are ready to join the party! Special jumbo Sesame Street balloons make for a truly unforgettable experience and so do personalized Sesame Street banners – upload your own photos to make your guest of honor the center of attention!


Or, if everyone’s favorite little red monster is the biggest Sesame Street star around your household, take the party to Elmo’s World! Our special party in a box comes packed with plenty of Elmo birthday party supplies. Elmo’s big smiling face and colorful polka dots are the dominant designs on these plates, cups, and napkins, but the rest of his Sesame Street friends are included too! With an Elmo cake pan, you can even create the ultimate Elmo birthday cake for the perfect finishing touch.


No matter which Sesame Street birthday theme you choose, dress-up always makes it better. Your child will love their special 2nd birthday outfit and celebrating in Sesame Street costumes from Elmo to Abby Cadabby (complete with fairy wings). Even Super Grover can swoop in to make an appearance!

Construction Party Ideas


The Construction Pals are always ready to party, and construction party supplies are perfect for a 2nd birthday celebration! Complete with fun cartoon construction designs, this party is also complimented well by shades of blue, yellow, and any other bright colors. That makes it perfect for a gender neutral birthday party, too. Choose your child’s favorites!


Plus, as with every Party in a Box on Birthday Express, you can hand pick every item in your package to get everything that you want and nothing that you don’t. Click here to learn more about our Construction Pals party tips. Discover easy recipes, fun party ideas, decorating inspiration and more!


Have we inspired you with enough ideas for your child’s next birthday celebration? What was your favorite birthday party theme when you were a kid? What kind of party ideas should we come up with next? If you liked this post and want to see more like it, then let us know! Follow us on Facebook and on Twitter @BirthdayExpress to share your thoughts. Be sure to check out our Pinterest boards too, where we’re always adding more amazing party ideas for kids.

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