Rainbow Birthday Party

Sometimes when you ask a child what their favorite color is, they simply say “All of them!” If that’s the case with your little one, then you’re in luck.  Our new Rainbow Birthday Party theme is jam packed with … well, all the colors of the rainbow! Keep reading to find out how to turn your home into a colorful canvas of bright hues and patterns.

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April is Rainbow Month on the BirthdayExpress Ideas Blog! 
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All of the items from these themes can be mixed and matched to create the perfect look for your little one’s big day!

Rainbow Party Tableware

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Our Rainbow Birthday Party theme has tons of colorful tableware options available, including cups, napkins, and plates. You can get everything you need with one mouse click when you get our Express Value Pack. We also picked up some little puffy fuzzballs at a local craftstore and strung them together using a needle and some twine, hanging them from the chairs.

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To top off our little cone party hats, we used the same puffy fuzzballs that dotted the back of our party chairs.

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Our napkin rings are made out of these candy button wraps, taped in the back.  Bright and colorful, plus you get to eat them!

Rainbow Party Decoration Ideas

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Our decoration scheme starts with a classic Happy Birthday banner, then we added simple solid colored plates, taped to the wall to create giant polka dots.

Rainbow Party LS_main (11)

The centerpiece of our decor is also a tried and true party activity: this awesome rainbow star pinata!

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You can’t have a party without balloons! We used this cupcake foil balloon, but you could opt instead for this Rainbow Birthday Party Balloon Bouquet.

Rainbow Balloon Bouquet


And here we have an alternative decoration scheme for your Rainbow Birthday Party:

Rainbow Decorations

You can get everything you see here in our Rainbow Paper Decorating Kit. Textured, colorful and sure to brighten up any room.

Rainbow Party Food Ideas

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We’ve come up with a lovely, delicious menu that offers delicious fare both healthy and sweet. First, for the healthy, check out those mason jars filled with yummy, colorful fruit salad. And the colored ice cubes were made with just a few drops of food dye.

Rainbow Party LS_main (8)

And now for the sweet.  Sixlets candy, colored macaroons, and sugar cookie frosting sandwiches.

Rainbow Party LS_main (7)

Finally, these tasty cupcakes are made with our Rainbow Cupcake Kit, which includes the polka dot wrappers and Happy Birthday picks.

Rainbow Color Cake Ideas

Rainbow Cake 2

Rainbow Cake 6

Rainbow Cake 7

Rainbow Cake 10

Rainbow Cupcake 5

Rainbow Cupcake 4

Rainbow Cupcake 6

Rainbow Cupcake 3



 Check out all of our beautiful Rainbow Birthday Party supplies at BirthdayExpress.com!

 Have we inspired you to throw a spectacularly colorful Rainbow Birthday Party for your little one?
What kind of party theme should we feature next?
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