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My name is Kate and I blog about the many adventures of watching my kids grow into big people over at This past month my baby turned nine.  She wanted nothing more than a Big Hero 6 themed birthday party, and I was thrilled to make that happen with products from Birthday Express.  We used licensed Big Hero 6 products from Birthday Express as well as regular black, white, red, and silver items available from Birthday Express to complete the look. I hope you enjoy some of the photos here!  Thank you Birthday Express for having such awesome products and letting us share with your fans!


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When Kate’s daughter turned 9, all she wanted was a Big Hero 6 party! Of course she did.

With its cast of ethnically diverse heroes, as brilliant as they are funny, where the girls kick as much butt as the boys, it’s no wonder Big Hero 6 is so hugely popular with kids of all ages and from all backgrounds.

But without a doubt, the breakout star of this Oscar-winning animated film is Baymax, everyone’s favorite inflatable healthcare robot.  He may look like a giant marshmallow,

but this guy’s a real powerhouse!

Baymax is  just the right combination of cuddly and exciting, and kids are crazy for the guy.

So as you might have expected, Baymax is the centerpiece of Kate’s party decorations and menu for her daughter’s special day.
Table Set-Up

Kate used our plates, cups and napkins to make sure there was plenty of designs at the party featuring the kids’ favorite characters from the movie. She then employed our solid color party supplies to add red, white and black layers to her decoration scheme.  If you’re operating on a budget, you can get all the Big Hero 6 essentials with our Express Value Pack.

Napkin image

For Kate’s decorations she made sure to include our Big Hero 6 Balloon Bouquet, featuring two of our Baymax & Hiro foil balloons …

Big Hero 6 balloon

and one GIANT Baymax jumbo foil balloon. Kate’s daughters really loved this in particular, saying it was like something you could get at Disneyland!
(…at a much cheaper price, which is something their mom loved in particular!)

 Baymax giant balloon

And just like the real Baymax, he’s fully inflatable! However, he doesn’t arrived fully inflated, so make sure to get a helium tank, too!

This isn’t the only giant Baymax party decoration available at BirthdayExpress that Kate opted to use for her daughter’s party.  The other one isn’t inflatable, but it is even BIGGER!

Honey Lemon with Standup

This is our Baymax & Hiro cardboard stand-up, and it is ENORMOUS. Almost six and a half feet tall!
And, by the way, how cute is the birthday girl in her Honey Lemon outfit?
(The answer is Almost Impossibly. Almost Impossibly Cute.)

Kate loves to include cardboard stand-ups as decorations for her girls’ parties. She lets the guests pose for photos, prints them out, and sends the guests home with a special unique party favor!


Kate decided to get a little “DIY” with her decorations, as well.

Baymax Paper Lantern

For these awesome Baymax heads, start with White Paper Lanterns and simply add two circles and a long thin rectangle cut out of black construction paper.

Fireplace w Lanterns

Here you can see how they add some serious pop to a simple decoration scheme.

Kate’s DIY itch is apparently never fully scratched, as you can see in the following photos.

Baymax Bags

These are simple White Treat Bags with a Baymax face drawn on with a black marker. Perfect.

Baymax mug

This Baymax mug is a piece of cake to make. Just draw his face on a plain white mug and place it in the oven at 350 degrees for 30 minutes to set the design. Totally worthy of a fistbump.


This Baymax hat is almost as easy as the mug.  Kate has the instructions for you to follow right here.

Kate’s amazing DIY talent extends to delicious party snacks, too!

Baymax oreos

These are just open-face Oreo cookies with black frosting Baymax faces. Save some for us!

Baymax Dip

This dip is half Marshmallow fluff/half whipped cream cheese, and it is scrumptious.  Two Oreos and a line of black frosting is all that’s required to turn it into another Baymax face. (Mickey Mouse ears optional!)

Big Hero 6 is sure to be a huge hit with kids for years to come, and when the inevitable sequel hits theaters, you can be ready for the resurgence in popularity with these fantastic ideas from Kate Hamernik and Birthday Express!

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