Spongebob Squarepants Party

SpongeBob Squarepants has been a cultural phenomenon for 15 years.    Since the first episode premiered on Nickelodeon in 1999, through almost 200 episodes, three animated films (two for television) and now a recent blockbuster 3D movie, SpongeBob’s popularity has maintained throughout the years, transcends the ages, and is currently on the rise. Kids and adults alike are drawn to his optimism, moxie, and stick-to-it-iveness. We all know he’s absorbent and yellow and porous (it’s right there in the theme song), but you know what else he is? He’s cool. He’s hip. He’s “what’s trending now,”and he has been since before we all knew what “trending” meant.  If you’re still a little fuzzy on the subject, ask your kids. They get it. Just look at them while they’re watching an episode–they’re tickled pink.

Just like Patrick here.

Everyone knows that kids of all ages love SpongeBob, but did you know that ever since its heyday, 40 percent of the show’s viewers are adults?  Who are we kidding, OF COURSE you knew that.  You’re probably one of those adults who watch the show, or maybe at least you used to. Hey, your kids have to have gotten it from somewhere, right? And your kids love Spongebob, almost as much as Mr. Krabs loves money.  So if you don’t want the birthday boy or girl to be as grouchy as Squidward on their special day, you need to throw the best Spongebob party this side of Bikini Bottom.  And we’re here to help you pull it off.

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SpongeBob Squarepants Tableware Party Supplies

Spongebob_LS alts

To turn your table into a Bikini Bottom beach bash, start with this great tablecover.

Spongebob tablecover

Then add plates, cups and napkins.

As an alternative, and with a little added effort, you can make your own SpongeBob Origami Napkins:

Spongebob_LS alts (3)

Just get some napkins in yellow and brown. Fold yellow napkins lengthwise into thirds, tucking the edges in the back. Place a yellow plastic fork and spoon on top. Cut the brown napkins in half and then wrap it, folded, around the yellow napkin and secure with tape in back. Cut some small red triangles from red construction paper and tape to the top center of the brown folded piece to create SpongeBob’s “tie.” How cute is that?

Spongebob_LS alts (4)

For these palm tree straws, you can use these yellow polka dot straws, or any others you happen to have. Take some green construction or scrapbook paper, and using jagged edge craft scissors (you can get these at your local craft store), cut out several palm leaf shapes, four leaves for each straw. Make one edge of the palm leaves taper off into a thin line. Bend the edge of the thin line and tape each leaf individually to the straw, near the top. If you want to go the extra mile, you could glue a couple malted milk balls on there as coconuts.

SpongeBob Squarepants Party Favors

Send the guests home happy with our wide variety of party favors–from sticker activity books, to blowout noisemakers, to paddle balls, to temporary tattoos!

spongebob temp tattoos

You can also get pre-filled favor boxes in case a la carte isn’t your style.

SpongeBob Squarepants Decorations and Activities

If you’d rather not go for our giant fruit platter centerpiece (including a pineapple house), you can opt instead for this SpongeBob table decorating kit.

spongebob table decor

If your walls are looking a little bare, too bare to bear a striking resemblance to Bikini Bottom, try this amazing SpongeBob scene setter.

spongebob scene setter

Then add some SpongeBob balloons. It’s not a birthday party without balloons, right? To make the day extra special, get this life-size AirWalker foil balloon.

spongebob air walker

It’s almost 4 feet tall!


As far as activities go, why not try a party staple, a SpongeBob piñata? We have a fun pull-string piñata, that can also be used as a traditional classic whackable piñata. We prefer to just use the pull-string technique though, because really, how could you want to hit this face?

spongebob pinata

Seriously, how?

SpongeBob Squarepants Party Food Ideas

Spongebob_LS alts (10)

Multi-colored, different flavored Goldfish crackers are always a huge hit with kids, and they match the undersea theme. Broccoli florets might not be as popular among the little ones, but what if you call them Sea Anemones? (You’re right, that wouldn’t fool anyone.)

But how about the beach scene up there on the left?  The “sand” is just brown sugar, and the seashells are novelty candies and simple sugar cookies that you might find at your local bakery.
It’s kind of half snack, half decoration.

But if you want a real foodie work of art, you can make your own Krabby Patty KupKakes. Here’s a closeup:

Spongebob_LS alts (11)

Aren’t they gorgeous? First you need an equal number of unfrosted vanilla and chocolate cupcakes.  Cut them all in half. You will also need squeezable tubes of green, yellow and red frosting.
Assemble the glorious sweetness tower as shown from the bottom up:  Bottom half of a vanilla cupcake (bottom burger bun), then green frosting (for the lettuce), then the bottom half of a chocolate cupcake (for the burger patty), then red and yellow frosting (for ketchup and mustard), then the top half of a vanilla cupcake (top burger bun). The frosting should hold everything together pretty well. You will have a lot of top halves of chocolate cupcakes left over, but we think you can find a use for them. 😉

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Are you inspired to throw a Bikini Bottom birthday bash for your little SpongeBob fanatic?

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