Quatrefoil and Chevron Holiday Styling

In our last post, we discussed one birthday theme that’s great for kids with winter birthdays – the Winter Wonderland theme. Today, we’re showcasing some birthday party ideas that are a little more Christmassy, but can still be used to make any birthday special. By building with basic patterns like chevrons, zig zags, and quatrefoils, you can create a birthday party for children that’s reminiscent of the holiday season, too!

We’ve come up with three different DIY birthday themes that are perfect for the occasion. Keep reading to discover them all!

Red and Green Elf Birthday Theme


With a healthy mix of the two most essential Christmas colors, this birthday theme is perfect for boys or girls with winter birthdays.

The basic building blocks for this birthday theme are red quatrefoil and solid red and green party supplies, which we’ve layered together in different ways. Experiment with different combinations to find the perfect party for you!


Personalized, embroidered elf hats and Santa hats aren’t just fun gifts and party favors – they’re decorative, too! Set a few on your table along with a few candy canes or peppermint sticks to help with the holiday atmosphere.


Apothecary jars and other unique glassware pieces are always great ways to display special birthday sweets, but they look even more magical around the holidays. We also added some easy DIY flair to these drinks with homemade bottle wraps. With a little bit of black and yellow construction paper, tiny belts turn bottles of red and green juice and punch into some of Santa’s helpers!


Here’s another great way to add some DIY decorations to the party. Wrap each leg of a table with some green tissue paper, and tie a bow of tulle at the top. Then, create some stripes with red ribbon, crepe paper, or washi tape. Add elf shoes on the bottom to cap it off!

Red and White Christmas Party Theme


Once again, red quatrefoils are the main ingredient for this classic Christmas look, but chevrons play a big part too. We’ve also created a motif with chalkboards – your local craft store ought to have plenty of options – and we’ve dressed up traditional Christmas items, like silver bells, with red ribbon and tulle.


Not every birthday needs balloons to be a good one – we’ve replaced them here with a big bunch of honeycomb-style tissue paper balls. Pile them on a table, or suspend them from the ceiling with ribbons.


A simple white cake with berries looks fantastic with these party supplies, especially next to a big plate of chocolate brownies. Cone-shaped candy displays complement them beautifully – very reminiscent of Christmas trees. Hot cocoa, marshmallows, and peppermint candies are every bit as essential.

Green Chevron Party Theme


These party ideas all swap the red for green, but they’re every bit as Christmassy. Green chevrons and zig zag party supplies combine wonderfully with other shades of solid green and textures like burlap.


Ornaments aren’t just for the Christmas tree – use them to ornament your party decorations, too! A large jar or bowl of ornaments can make a fun table decoration, and you can distribute them across place settings as well.


Real natural pinecones, frosted with white paint or faux snow, are great for any Christmas party. Scatter them around the table, collect some in a large glass container and display as a centerpiece, or hang some from above.

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