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We’re always looking for fun new birthday party themes. This year my daughter learned about outer space and the solar system in school; she was fascinated! We love doing science related activities at home and soon I realized there are many cool things we can do to create a truly “Out of This World” space party!

Space Party pack



To decorate, we started with the Birthday Express Space Blast Party in a Box. We set our party table with a large roll of black chalkboard paper as the table runner and gave all the kids chalk to create the party’s “night sky”. We had lots of kids drawing stars, aliens and rocket ships, making the table look really cool.

Space Party 9

Plus, each child had a Space Blast Activity Placemat that they could flip over and enjoy at their place at the table.

Space Party 3

We used the Space Blast tablecover to create a backdrop for our food table. I added stars that I cut out of scrapbook paper, to add to the decor. 

Space Party 6



We had a lot of activities for this party theme (see below) so we didn’t go crazy with the food. Sometimes it’s fun to switch up the regular party cake with some brownies, so we choose to go that route and stick fun Space Pick Candles in them. 

Space Party 8

They looked really cute and were enjoyed by the kids. We did “stars & moons” as our cheese and crackers.

Space Party 7

I used a star shaped cookie cutter to make the cheese stars and we picked round crackers to be the moons. 

For another snack, we used marshmallows and toothpicks to create “Marshmallow Constellations.”

Space Party 5

They kept the kids busy and then made for a yummy treat! 



We had a “blast” with the activities at this party! My kids love activities that have to do with science and outer space, so we have done quite a few activities over the winter that would have been fun for this party. We picked our favorites:


Night Sky Scratch Art:

Space Party 2

Scratch art is such an easy, fun party activity. For our night sky scratch art pictures, I choose the sparkly, silver sheets. The kids got a black (night sky) sheet of paper and a wood stick. They scratched off making star shapes to reveal the sparkly color behind the black.

Space Party 4


Astronaut Photo Op: We wanted to give the kids a chance to look like a real astronaut in outer space. The kids took turns trying on an astronaut costume and space helmet from Birthday Express. They thought the helmet was so cool, because the visor goes up and down and it even makes noise! To create the photo op, I took a Space Blast Printed table cover and cut it in half. I taped it up on the wall. Then, I cut stars out of glittery scrapbook paper and taped them onto the “sky”. The kids stood in front of the “sky” and posed as astronauts. The photos came out so cute! 

Space Puppu


Foil Rockets:

Rocket Craft Project

To create these rockets, you’ll want to save paper towel rolls (and cut in half) or toilet paper rolls leading up to the party. Each guest will need a roll plus these supplies: a sheet of foil, ribbon, construction paper or card stock (we used glitter card stock), tape and foam star stickers. To make, have the children cover the roll with foil. Tuck the foil into the top of the roll. Before tucking the foil into the bottom of the roll, stick the ribbon into the roll, using the “tucked in” foil to secure the ribbon. Help the children cut and roll the card stock into a cone to use as the point of the rocket.  Tape the cone of the rocket to the top. Last, have the children decorate the rocket with the foam stars. 


Night Sky Canvas Paintings:

Star Craft Project

This activity can be a little bit messy, but they really turn out very pretty. For supplies, you need one blank canvas board per guest, navy paint, paintbrushes and glittery foam stars. To make them, have the guests paint the canvas with navy paint early in the party. It will take a few coats of paint. Let dry, and towards the end of the party, have them stick the gold and silver glittery stars onto the canvas. 



For the favors, we kept it very simple and went with the Space Blast Filled Party Favor Box. There were so many cute items in the box. We ended up taking out the Space Blast Blow-out Noisemakers to use on the tables. 

Space Party 1


I hope this has inspired you to have an “out of this world” birthday! 


Click here to browse the complete collection of Space Blast party supplies at Birthday Express.

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