Olaf Party

Frozen is the biggest thing ever.

This is not up for debate.

Sure, other things are big, even huge, but Frozen is definitely the hugest.

Here are the facts: the film has grossed more than $1.3 billion dollars worldwide in less than a year and a half. By comparison, The Avengers has grossed about $1.5 billion dollars in roughly twice the time. It is the highest grossing Disney film of all time, the highest grossing animated film of all time, and won near universal critical praise.

The movie’s central characters, princess sisters Elsa and Ana, have gotten their due. At Disneyland, children wait in line for hours just to have their pictures taken with Elsa and Ana. Cynics might say that’s a waste of time, that their devotion borders on fanaticism, but true Frozen superfans simply aren’t willing to “let it go.”

The true breakout star of Frozen, however, is just getting his chance to shine.  Olaf, the enchanted, singing and dancing snowman, is finally in the spotlight, and with good cause.

How do you not love that guy? He’s a ball of chilly energy–or rather, three balls–infecting everyone around him with some kind of uncontrollable smiling disease. If your little one has caught a bad case of the Frozen Fever, why not throw them an Olaf theme party? When the question is “Do you wanna build a snowman?,” if that snowman is Olaf, the answer to the question is always “YES!”

Olaf Party Supplies and Tableware

Olaf LS_Close Ups (1)

For a cute and colorful table at the party, start with a tablecover, cups and plates.

Here’s a fun idea for a clever way to serve milk for the party:

Olaf LS_Close Ups (11)

We believe the kids would call this “Adorbs.”

It’s just a glass punch-bowl, with giant googley-eyes and some orange scrapbook paper taped on there. If you don’t have a punch-bowl, or one that’s shaped correctly, you can use a fish bowl in a pinch.

Treat Bag Olaf

For these treat bags, we used these party sacks, then attached these sticky eyes, as well as some orange pom-pom balls (for the nose) and brown pipe cleaners (for the eyebrows and hair), which we got from a local craft store. Then we just drew on the mouth with a black magic marker. Simple, but very cute!


Olaf Party Decorations and Activities

Olaf LS_no kids

For our wall decorations, we hung this snowflake garland from the wall and cut out the snowflakes from this glitter streamer and taped them up in random spots. The we cut out triangles from scrapbook paper, attached them with string (but you can use yarn, or twine, or shoelaces!) and hung it to complement the snowflake garland and add a splash of color.

You can also use these Olaf removable wall decals to dress up your indoor winter scene. Then after the party, the birthday boy or girl can put them up in their bedroom, or on the mirror in the bathroom, or on the door to the play room, or virtually anywhere!

Bring the “Wow” to the birthday festivities with this Olaf cardboard stand-up.

Olaf Stand Up

It’s almost 4 feet tall! You can take pictures of the party guests with Olaf, print them out later and send them with your thank you notes. Or, alternatively, put a piece of double-sided tape on a carrot-shaped piece of orange scrapbook paper, get a blindfold, and have the whole gang play a spirited game of “Pin the Nose on the Snowman.”

Every party needs balloons!

Olaf LS_Close Ups

This Olaf Balloon Bouquet includes a jumbo character balloon (almost 3-and-a-half feet tall!) and two circle foil balloons. Don’t forget to get a helium tank!

Every kid loves taking a whack at a piñata!

Olaf Pinata Shot (2)

You can choose between classic and pull-string varieties.

Olaf Party Food DIY Ideas

Olaf retouched


Just look at all of that Olaf-inspired culinary deliciousness!

First, a little sweet treat not pictured above:

Olaf LS_Close Ups (4)

These are little minimalist snowmen–just two powdered-sugar donut holes and a Hershey’s Kiss on top, secured by a well-placed dollop of vanilla frosting. Scrumptious!

Now for something that looks kind of similar but tastes more savory:

Olaf LS_Close Ups (7)

Take 2 spoon-fulls of soft or spreadable cheese and roll into one inch balls. Roll in a plate of fresh shredded parmesan, and stack two pieces together on top of a round cracker. We used capers for eyes and cut off the tips of carrots for the noses.  Almost as adorable as they are delicious!

Here is a tasty twosome that’s sure to please the eye as well as the tastebuds:

Olaf LS_Close Ups (10)

On the left, it’s just a classic kid favorite–string cheese! But we used markers to add Olaf faces to the wrappers, not to mention adding fun to the festivities!
On the right, we turned little chocolate donuts into Sven-like reindeer, attaching candy eyes, little red chocolate candies for the noses, and pretzel pieces for the antlers. We used frosting instead of glue, which is good because frosting is much tastier.
Plus, as you can see, we dressed up some small glass jars with orange ribbon and striped straws.  Gotta wash down those chocolate donut reindeer with something, right?

Now, here’s the pièce de résistance:

Olaf LS_Close Ups (6)

It’s a hot tub cake!
We used blue icing to frost a simple two-tier round cake.  The we broke up white chocolate KitKat bars and stuck the pieces all around the sides of the cake, while the frosting was still tacky.  We used our blue shimmer gumballs and sixlet candies to create little clusters of jacuzzi “bubbles”. Our Olaf is made from three marshmallows, held together by toothpicks. His eyes, nose and buttons were drawn on with magic markers, and we used actual small twigs for his arms and hair. Needless to say, our snowman is for decoration only, though we suppose you could create an edible Olaf with a little ingenuity. Maybe try food coloring pencils instead of the magic markers, stack the marshmallows with frosting as glue, and skip the real twigs altogether.

Try coming up with your own snowman-themed food ideas.  Powdered sugar and coconut shavings can help turn non-snowy foods into something out of a winter wonderland!


Have we inspired you? Do you wanna build a snowman … birthday party? 
What kind of party theme should we feature next?
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