Octonauts Party

Barnacles the bear, Kwazii the cat, and Peso the penguin are always up for an adventure. Likewise, we’re always up for a party, and Octonauts party supplies are always an amazing party theme idea! Not only do these plates, napkins, and cups feature your child’s favorite characters, but their blue, orange, and green color scheme works great for a gender-neutral party.

To help you prepare, we’ve come up with some easy, undersea-inspired DIY party decorations that pair with Octonauts fabulously. We’ll also be showing off an Octonauts party that our friend and expert party stylist Brittany Schwaigert created for her blog, GreyGrey Designs.

D.I.Y. Sea Life Wall Décor

This backdrop is sure to give any Octonauts birthday party a real underwater feel!

diy octonauts decorations sea life

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Start constructing your aquatic party backdrop oith the crepe paper – affix a piece of crepe to your wall at the desired height, then twist it as you unroll before cutting it off and taping at the bottom. Use orange, green, and blue paper together in an alternating pattern, or twist strands of different colors together for a two-toned look. You can also try draping the crepe in arcs across the party space instead of going for vertical lines.

Next, inflate your balloons. If you use helium, attach ribbons and tie off the balloons to some weights or handy objects to keep them floating at the heights you want. If you’re using regular air, just tape the balloons to the wall.

Fill in any remaining empty spaces with tissue paper fluffy decorations. Place them around the base of the wall, like beds of colorful coral on an undersea reef, or use string to suspend them from the ceiling.


D.I.Y. Sea Life Hanging Decorations

Create colorful seaweed and jellyfish decorations with this DIY project.

diy octonauts decorations hanging decorations

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  • Curling ribbon (aqua blue, light blue, royal blue, orange, lime green)
  • Helium
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Fishing line or string
  • Tacks or self-adhesive hooks


First, hang a couple of fish nets around the room, to start building the scene. Place some on the walls, and some on the ceiling to start. Self-adhesive, removable hooks work well for attaching them, but you can also use tacks or regular tape.

To make the jellyfish decorations, start with some regular paper lanterns. We used a variety of different shades including blues, greens, and yellows, but you can use just about any colors here. When fully assembled, each lantern should be like a perfect sphere, but that’s not quite jellyfish-y enough. So, bend the wire frames inside the lanterns by squishing them down slightly. You’ll end up with a more oval shape, which is great for the top of the jellyfish.

Then, to make the jellyfishes’ tentacles, just tape random lengths of scrunched-up crepe paper and ribbon to the lantern. Leave them short, or make them long enough for the children to touch and walk through.

A layer of helium-filled blue balloons on the ceiling really makes it look like the party is underwater. We used a few different shades for texture. Tie a piece of curling ribbon to each one and give it a good curl with a pair of scissors – not only does this add to the appearance, but you have to be able to get the balloons down eventually! If you fill and float your balloons upwards on top of a layer of fish netting, they’ll be even easier to take down later. Just grab the edges of the net and haul them all in at once.


D.I.Y. Sea Life Table Decorations

Go beyond centerpieces and totally transform your table into an undersea scene with these DIY decorations! Whether you set up his decor idea to accent a table of snacks or complement a pile of presents, these party supplies complement an Octonauts theme gorgeously.

diy octonauts decorations submarine centerpiece

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Start decorating by overlapping different shades of blue table covers (darkest on the bottom and lightest on the top) to create a layered look. Tape them all in place so they don’t shift around too much – double-sided tape might even be the best option, since you’ll be able to easily hide it from view. Add some fish netting over the top of the table covers, and tape that in place as well.

It wouldn’t be much of an underwater party without fish, so blow up some of these inflatable fish and secure them to the front of the table. Then, add this cardboard submarine stand-up to the table. You can also use this prop as a fun photo op for the kids – have them pose around the submarine, look out through the portholes, and pretend that they’re the captains of their very own GUP underwater adventure vehicle!

Finish decorating for the party with twisted strands of colorful crepe paper and special balloons, just like we did with the wall decorations.

No helium? No problem! There’s always a way to decorate and make it look great. Create some colorful bunches of air-filled balloons by knotting their bottoms together. Or, put up some “opposite balloons” – balloons filled with air and suspended from the ceiling at varying heights.


Octonauts Party by Brittany Schwaigert

We were lucky enough to have Brittany Schwaigert from GreyGrey Designs feature us on her blog once again and style this Octonauts birthday theme for us. Keep on scrolling here to see her work her magic!

Octonauts-2bPhoto: Brittany Schwaigert

With the Octonauts party in a box, you can easily get all the party supplies you need to give your child the perfect day. These plates, napkins, cups, and decorations feature a bright blue color scheme with touches of orange, complete with imagery taken right from the cartoon. Brittany took this as a starting point and ran – there’s no limit to the amount of imagination that can be infused into a party theme!

Octonauts-3Photo: Brittany Schwaigert

We love this amazing fabric garland from Lilly Paul Designs that Brittany placed around the edge of her table. The aqua blue and orange colors match the Octonauts theme perfectly! With some pieces of fabric in varying patterns, you could DIY your own, too. Round clear Christmas ornaments were used to look like bubbles.

Octonauts-3bPhoto: Brittany Schwaigert

Cake pops from Sweet Whimsy were guaranteed to be a hit at the party. Good call, Brittany! They look just like their adorable character counterparts, and they taste phenomenal.

Octonauts-5Photos: Brittany Schwaigert

(Deliciousness confirmed.)

Octonauts-7Photos: Brittany Schwaigert

Display your sweets in a fun a creative way! Suckers and other candy with sticks can be stuck into blocks of floral foam and dressed up with shredded tissue paper or cotton batting. To get the look, Brittany used some orange whirly pops combined with Octonauts stickers as well as a few sea life candy skewers from Sweets Indeed.

Octonauts-6Photo: Brittany Schwaigert

Wooden crates like this one make great ways to display party favors and treat bags – find them at your local craft store. Brittany filled this one with a batch of customized cotton candy favors from Soiree Event Design, but you can use whatever your Octonauts of the hour prefer.

Octonauts-6bPhoto: Brittany Schwaigert

You can get Octonauts party favor boxes pre-filled, too. Each one contains a sheet of Octonauts stickers, an eyepatch (just like Kwazii’s!), a water wiggler, and other undersea-themed fun. They’re the perfect way to send the guests home happy!


What did you think of our Octonauts birthday party ideas? What was your favorite theme to have for a birthday party when you were a kid? What kind of birthday party ideas should we come up with next? If you liked this post and want to see more, let us know! Connect with us on Facebook and Twitter @BirthdayExpress to share your thoughts and your party pics, or send us a quick email message. Be sure to check out our Pinterest boards while you’re at it, because we’re always adding new boards full of amazing birthday party ideas and inspiration.


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Also featured in Brittany Schwaigert’s party: Fabric Garland by LillyPaul Designs, Cotton Candy by Soiree Event Design, Cake Pops by Sweet Whimsy Cake Pops, Octonauts Candy Skewers by Sweets Indeed, Glitter Toppers by Made By A Princess


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