Fairy Event at Alden Lane

Tucked away within a Californian grove of centuries-old oaks, lies the magical atmosphere of Alden Lane Nursery. Acres upon acres of lush, breathtaking landscape provide the most amazing backdrop for observing nature in its purest form.

With such a gorgeous setting, taken straight from the pages of an antique fantasy storybook, Alden Lane is also host to events throughout the year for fairy gardening and special fairy birthday parties for children. So, Birthday Express and Costume Express were more than proud to partner with Alden Lane, offering their loyal customers an exclusive opportunity – to complete their own fairytale transformation and experience the full enchantment of the forest.


Sue, Alden Lane’s fairy fantasy adventure guide, prepares all in attendance for the magical trips and tales ahead. Each of the wood’s newest fairies help Pushpin the Gnome’s search for magical stones, and are given special instruction to create their own Faerie Garden to take home. Finally, the troupe assembles at the fairies’ dwelling in Alden Lane Forest, where faces are painted, snacks are shared, and enchanting fairy stories are told!


Let your little girl discover her favorite fairy! She can be anything from whimsical woodland sprite to a dancing Sugar Plum Fairy. Even Disney’s most popular pixie, Tinkerbell herself, can make an appearance. Plus, there’s no better way to store and display one’s mystical fairy garments than with a fairytale princess wardrobe or dress-up trunk.


Fairies embrace and embody the magic nature no matter the season. Our Spring Fairy costume is gloriously adorned with a halo of flowers and green and pink pastels, while the golds and ambers of the Fall Fairy costume make an immaculate autumn impression.


Check out Alden Lane Nursery for the next scheduled Faerie Adventure or to book your child’s next special birthday! Order her favorite fairy costume and let imagination soar. Don’t worry, mom – we feature adult size costumes too. Fairy magic isn’t just for the little ones!


What did you think of this costuming event? Where should we throw a themed party next? Let us know your thoughts and feedback on Facebook and Twitter, and check us out on Pinterest for more inspiration!


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