DIY Barnyard Party Ideas

The cow goes moo.
The pig goes oink.
The sheep goes baa.
The rooster goes cocka-doodle-doo.
These are facts.

We all learn these facts at a very young age.  Apparently, we have decided, as a society, that one of the most important things to know as a small child is the various sounds made by the animals of the barnyard.  And not a single child has ever disagreed.  No child has ever filed a grievance.  No objections, no protests, not even so much as a quibble. And why?

Because all little children love barnyard animals, that’s why. It’s why petting zoos make all that coin.  It’s why Old MacDonald remains at the top of the charts after almost a hundred years. And it’s why our Barnyard party supplies are consistently one of the most popular themes we have.  And with all of these barnyard parties everywhere, it can be hard to find a way to make your child’s party stand out from the rest.



DIY Barnyard Wall Decor Kit

Here’s a great way to turn any room into the cutest barnyard ever! Animal balloons and a huge barn door backdrop will transform your party space in no time.

Barnyard DIY Wall Decor

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Fill balloons with helium and secure with curling ribbon, leaving several feet for tail.

Attach backdrop to wall with tape, centered behind table. Place tablecover on table.

Place banner on front of table cover in a U shape, securing with tape on both sides.

Hang 3 fluffy decorations, with the center one at the lowest height above the barn doors; secure with tape.

Place one animal balloon on each side of table, taping to tablecover.

Arrange 3 green balloons behind each animal, taping to tablecover.


DIY Barnyard Room Decor Kit

This set of barnyard party decorations is sure to make your little farmhand smile! Bandanas and straw hats are used as part of the decor, but can be used to gussy up the birthday boy or girl, too!

Barnyard DIY Room Decor

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  • Twine
  • Wooden clothespins
  • Scissors
  • Tape


Cut barn doors and hay bales out of main backdrop pieces and secure on wall as desired with tape.

Arrange decals on backdrops as desired.

Hang twine over width of background and secure.

Hang 3 hats with clothes pins at both ends and center.

Hang folded bandanas with clothes pins between hats.

As a bonus, here’s what a little extra ingenuity can add to this decoration scheme:

Barnyard DIY Room Decor 2

All you need to re-create this look is just an old red ladder, a couple small stuffed animals and tiny bales of hay, plus our DIY Favor Bandana Bags and a lollipop display made from a silver bucket, some Sixlet candies, and a barnyard sticker. Keep on reading for more info on these adorable barnyard party favors!


DIY Barnyard Table Decor

Cow print and bandana print napkins, twine, and rustic buckets combine for  a cute way to display your tableware. The centerpiece of this idea is our green grass tissue mat, simulating the lush pasture of the perfect barnyard you’re creating!

Barnyard DIY Table Decor 2

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Roll cutlery into napkins; makes 4 sets with each napkin. Secure with twine by tying into bow.

Fill bucket with 8 wrapped cutlery sets.

Place sticker on front of bucket.

Place red tablecover on table.

Fold cow table cover into eighths and tape onto middle of table, like a runner.

Place grass and bucket on center of table.

In the picture above, you can see what is possible when adding in some simple solid color plates and cups, as well as our DIY Barnyard Favors, which you can see more of below!


DIY Barnyard Party Favors

These themed party favors are so cute, we can barely stand it! Plus, they’re as easy as pie to put together.

Barnyard DIY Favor

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Fill center of bandana with party favors and wrap ends up, securing with ribbon.

Cut tag shape out of brown paper and place sticker on center.

Make a small hole and slide onto ribbon, tying around bandana.


Any or all of these DIY Barnyard party ideas would be perfect to spruce up your child’s barnyard party.

Can you stand the cuteness? Because we can't.Can you stand the cuteness? Because we can’t.

He may not know the answer to 2 + 2 yet, but we’ll bet he knows that the cow goes moo!

Have we inspired you to add a little DIY action to your child’s barnyard birthday party? What kind of party should we feature next? If you enjoyed this post and want to see more like it, then follow us on Twitter and Facebook, and tell us what you think! Check out our Pinterest boards for more great ideas, too!

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