Fun Facts about Dr. Seuss, in the Style of Dr. Seuss

Theo Seuss Geisel wrote classic kids’ books

Known for their morals and infectious hooks.

Over 40 tales written, and millions sold:

Dr. Seuss ages but never gets old.


Today is his birthday, and to celebrate,

We’re sharing some Seuss facts that we thought were great.

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Now that the plug of our website is done

It’s time to start off with Seuss fact number one.

It might be something you’ve already read

But we still feel that it ought to be said.


Despite some rejections he never got beat:

And to Think That I Saw it on Mulberry Street

Was his very first book and it took 20 tries

And plus seven more until we realized

What a marvelous author and writer of writings

That Dr. Seuss was, and was it exciting!


It was the Doc’s fans mispronouncing his name

That led to an error’s considerable fame

With how his name’s said he went with their choice;

The original way to say “Seuss” was like “Soyce”


With words Dr. Seuss did some wonderful tricks –

The Cat in the Hat has two thirty-six

Different words from which it’s composed;

This was an idea that was proposed

By his bosses who wanted a simple kids’ book

That would get them to read it, by hook or by crook.


And if you think that achievement is nifty,

Green Eggs and Ham used much less – only fifty.

His editors bet him it couldn’t be done,

So when he was finished they must have been stunned.


Like any true wordsmith, Seuss couldn’t resist

Making up words that didn’t exist.

New words like “nerd” and “oobleck” (like ooze)

Are two of the words that Seuss was first to use

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BONUS: A graphic with 30 Seuss quotes,

And also some more rather excellent notes.

Thanks to you all for reading this rhyme,

We had a lot of fun with it.


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