The Best Kids’ Costume Ideas for Birthday Parties

Birthdays come but once a year – having a fun theme for your child’s birthday decorations is a great way to make a memorable experience, but adding costumes into the mix makes everything even more special.

Not only does dress-up enhance the décor and overall look of the party, but the costumes make great gifts, too! What little boy wouldn’t love 24/7 access to ninja costumes and superpowers? How many little girls do you know who wouldn’t want the ability to have their own Cinderella princess transformation anytime they wish? Costume play trunks are more than just toy chests or storage boxes. They turn playtime into a truly special event that lets imagination run wild.

Keep reading to check out our top three dress up costume ideas for kids birthdays!

Pirate Costumes for Kids


Avast, mateys! Pirate birthday parties are a theme that’s perfect for boys and girls of all ages. Our classic Pirates Party in a Box is seafaring and swashbuckling classic, but these pink pirate party supplies are great for girls.

Pirate costumes are tons of fun for everyone, too. Maybe the guest of honor will want to don his or her full pirate garb, but every guest can join the action with accessories like pirate bandanas, paper pirate hats, and pirate eyepatches. After the party is over, you child can store their pirate costumes in a pirate play trunk along with other riches – it looks just like a real treasure chest!

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Princess Costumes for Kids


It’s every princess’ dream come true! Disney party supplies and other princess party themes create the perfect birthday experience for any little girl, but princess costumes complete the enchanting transformation. She can be just like any one of her favorite Disney characters, like Sofia the First, with the help of a pink princess play trunk.

For parents planning a Frozen birthday party for their princess, though, Frozen party supplies pair particularly well with this wintry and icy blue version:


If the cold never bothered your daughter anyway, she’ll love the snowflake play trunk! With its frosty colors and snowy details, it looks just like something Princess Elsa might have in her palace. Stock this trunk with Frozen costumes and have the best Frozen dress-up day ever.

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Superhero Costumes for Kids


Pow! Whether you’re into Marvel or DC (or both), superhero party supplies for kids are always popular. The Avengers are particularly big, with a new movie scheduled for next year, but any small superhero in training would love to dress up in superhero costumes for their birthday.

Batman, Captain America, and Spider-Man are top choices for sure, but Supergirl, Batgirl, and Wonder Woman are great superhero costumes for girls. Their sparkly tutu redesigns are perfect for the girly girl who still wants to beat up the bad guys. With a Superhero Play Trunk, your heroes will be ready to fight crime at a moment’s notice.

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Did you like dressing up and playing with costumes when you were a kid? What was your favorite kind of birthday party theme when you were growing up? What sort of birthday party ideas should we come up with next? If you liked this blog and want to see more like it, then let us know! Follow us on Facebook and on Twitter @BirthdayExpress to share your thoughts, or send us a note via email. Be sure to check out our Pinterest boards, too, where we’re always adding new party ideas and inspiration to go along with all of our birthday party supplies.

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