Superhero Girl Party

Superhero movies are all the rage right now, and they will be for the foreseeable future. The two competing comic book companies, Marvel and DC, are releasing no fewer than 35 and as many as 40 superhero movies in the next five years! And fighting crime while wearing a cape isn’t just for boys. Research shows that more and more girls are becoming superhero superfans, and if your little princess is feeling more and more super-powered these days, it’s possible it’s not just a phase. This year, throw her a Superhero Girl Party, guaranteed to crank up the girl power.

Wide Shot

Our Superhero Girl Party in a Box lets you decide just how much superpowered awesomeness your party needs — enough for 8 guests or 16!

Place Setting

Top your table with plates, cups, and napkins, and serve it all up on this stupendous tablecover.




Party Pack

Get everything you see here in our Express Value Party Pack!

Cups and Straws

Dress up your drinks with these DIY flag straws, made simply by wrapping these paper straws with scrapbook paper. Attach them with a glue stick and write super-powered catchphrases with a marker. It’s the little touches like these that will really put your party over the top.


Table Centerpiece

This fantastic 3D Centerpiece adds extra volume to your party table and draws the eye wherever you decide to incorporate it into your party design.

POD Wide

There’s also a separate Superhero Girl party theme that’s completely customizable. You can add a picture of your little power princess to plates, invitations, thank you notes, and a giant vinyl banner. Get everything you could possibly need with our complete Personalized Superhero Girl Party in a Box.

Pod Favor Box

You can also send your super-guests home with treats and toys in a favor box featuring a photo of your daughter. Be sure to upload one of her doing something extra “super.”

Favor Box

As an alternative, you can choose favor boxes that come pre-filled with great items that are sure to please.

And if you’re looking for stuff that’s sure to please, check out these great ideas for a Superhero Girl Party menu.

Mini-Layer Cakes

These adorable mini-Angel-Food layer cakes are made with a circular cookie cutter and some frosting.  Those DIY cakepicks are totally optional, but if you want to try them out yourself, we made them with the stickers from this fun lollipop kit.

Lollipop Kit





These are just store bought cupcakes wrapped up with a little extra flair: our Superhero Girl cupcake wrappers!

Star Sammies

It’s amazing what a cookie cutter can do to a run-of-the-mill PB & J. How cute are these little star sandwiches? We topped them off with a toothpick and a little glittery poof ball that we picked up from the craft store.

Popcorn and veggies

But don’t feel like you have to overthink things; just show off some classic snacks in exciting new packaging and watch them line up for seconds at the buffet table!  Whether it’s airpopped popcorn in these pink polka dot treat boxes, or fresh veggies in these little chevron-pattern treat bowls, you can be sure they’ll love to eat healthy in style!

Super Hero Girl Printable

These milk bottles are wrapped with our free printable labels, exclusively from BirthdayExpress, which you can get by clicking here!

Now, if you really want to make your girl-powered extra super, you’ve got to go with these amazing items, guaranteed to bring that coveted “WOW factor!”


Large Decals

These giant wall decals are completely removable and completely reusable, so after the party the birthday girl can move her top secret headquarters to her bedroom.

Real Small Decals

These smaller decals, also removable and reusable, serve as great accents to your party decor and can be used on lockers or notebooks too!

Backdrop Pose

Get your little glamazons to pose for pictures with our cardboard standup city scape backdrop, then send them out with your thank you notes!


Let the supergirls at your party show off their super-strength with our Superhero Girl pinata kit.

Phone Booth Stand-Up

Check out this giant phone booth cardboard stand-up. A classic superhero staple if ever there was one. Now, chances are your daughter has never seen a phone booth in real life — they’ve gotten so scarce now — but just tell her it’s Supergirl’s version of a fitting room at the mall. She’ll love it. And a girl’s gotta have privacy when she’s changing into her crime-fighting clothes!

Costume 2

And speaking of crime-fighting clothes, BirthdayExpress has you covered there too.  We’ve got two different Superhero Girl dress-up outfits to make sure your little caped cutie comes to the party in style! Above is the Cat Crusader and below is Power Princess!

Costume 1

Throw your little one the super-powered birthday of her dreams, with help from BirthdayExpress!

Girls in Costume

Click here to browse all of the Superhero Girl Party theme!

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