Shopkins Birthday Party Ideas For Kids

Shopkins are taking the world by storm! These cute and collectible figurines are absolutely everywhere, with Shopkins cartoons, books, and more to go along with them. Shopkins birthday party supplies are one of the hottest new party themes for kids, too. Brittany Schwaigert of GreyGreyDesigns designed an amazing Shopkins party for us recently; check out that link if you haven’t already.

Today, we’re showing off another Shopkins birthday party of our own creation. Keep on reading to get more Shopkins party ideas and inspiration!



Shopkins Party Supplies and Tableware Ideas


Our Shopkins plates and party supplies are every bit as fun and friendly as the Shopkins themselves. Apple Blossom, Strawberry Kiss, D’Lish Donut and other Shopkins characters cover these colorful designs edge-to-edge, making them must-haves for any Shopkins fan on their special day. Add even more variety to your child’s Shopkins party look by mixing and matching Shopkins cups and napkins with simple patterns and solid color party supplies. Pinks, purples, yellows, and pastels work wonders with Shopkins.

Also, to make your party supplies look even better, pair them with a matching table cover. Different shades of plastic tablecloths can be overlayed on top of each other to create a unique look, and you can even use pieces of coordinating gift wrap or fabric to add more style to your table.

For the Shopkins theme, we used a basic pink tablecover accented with some hot pink polka dot print.



Here’s an easy way to turn paper napkins and plastic silverware into an attractive part of your party décor. Roll purple or lavender forks, knives, and spoons into Shopkins napkins, and stuff the bundles upright into a mini metal bucket.

Then, decorate the bucket with some curling ribbon and a couple of paper cutouts or Shopkins stickers – this is something that your child can have fun helping with, too. If you like, you can also use Shopkins stickers and wall decals to hold the napkin rolls closed.

This works especially nicely for displaying the tableware bundles individually at each table setting. Otherwise, a twist of lavender curling ribbon or a small piece of Scotch tape works just as well.


Shopkins Party Favors


Shopkins party favors can double as centerpieces, too. These pre-filled favor boxes match the theme beautifully and include everything from sweet treats like these swirly lollipops to other goodies like these cupcake lip glosses.

Or, browse the complete collection of birthday party favors on Birthday Express and let your child choose their favorites to create a completely customized assortment.


Shopkins Birthday Party Decorating Ideas


For the backdrop to our Shopkins party, we used a pink chevron birthday banner. These banners are made of heavy duty vinyl – not paper or plastic – with real metal grommets, and are guaranteed to stay in great shape. Plus, you can customize the print with your child’s name and unique birthday message. A colorful pennant banner hung along the top is a great complement to the look.


Shopkins Piñatas


We also couldn’t resist adding a giant cupcake piñata into the mix – what could be sweeter? The Cupcake Queen herself would be proud.

This particular one is a pull-string piñata. Pull-string piñatas are especially great for younger children, because the piñata is pulled open by the ribbons on its bottom. One of them is connected to the flap that will spill forth the candy inside, and the child that pulls it is the winner! No need for whacking and wailing and flailing around.

A traditional piñata in this design is available too, with blindfold, stick, sweets, and all the other essentials already included.


Shopkins Birthday Party Food Ideas


Every birthday party needs a sweet treat to enjoy, and these Shopkins cookies are easy enough for anyone to decorate – set up a cookie decorating activity station and let the guests get involved!

Start with a chocolate chip cookie, just like Kooky Cookie. The eyes are made from stacked circle cut-outs of white and baby blue fondant, with two smaller black and white circles on top for the pupils. To get the crescent shape for the eyes, partially intersect another small circle along the bottom edge. Make a mouth with a line of decorator’s frosting, and you’re all set.



For a healthier snack option that the kids are sure to love, popcorn is the way to go. You can use your favorite microwave brand, or pop some seeds on the stovetop. We used those classic red and white popcorn boxes to make our servings look like Poppy Corn, and we also stationed some actual Shopkins toys around the snack table for good measure.



A basket of fresh fruit is another healthy snack that’s also plenty sweet. Plus, it brings a lot of color to the table as well.  Also, those might look like soft-serve ice cream cones, but they’re really frosted cupcakes!

To make your own cupcake cones, fill flat-bottomed ice cream cones three-quarters of the way full with your child’s favorite cake batter, and bake as you normally would. To make sure that the cones don’t fall over in your oven, stand them up in the holes of a regular cupcake tin, using some scrunched up aluminum foil to fill in the gaps.

Once they’ve cooked and cooled, pipe a big swirl of colorful icing on top and add some sprinkles. A pink colored cone with chocolate frosting and blue sprinkles looks just like Ice-Cream Dream, and you can also serve up some real ice cream cones, too, to represent Kylie Cone.



Of course, you’ll need a cold glass of milk to wash everything down! The milk doesn’t have to be strawberry-flavored, but the color just looked so cute alongside everything else. Your child’s favorite will look just as yummy, too. Hot pink paper cutout eyelashes on a glass pitcher add a ton of Shopkins charm, and lavender striped straws complement the color scheme.


Shopkins Birthday Cake Ideas


Wishes is the birthday cake Shopkin – the perfect name for a birthday cake, and the perfect cake idea for a Shopkins birthday!

To decorate this Shopkins cake, begin with a round layer cake.  Frost with vanilla frosting, dyed yellow with food coloring. Pipe some white icing onto the top of the cake, creating a few tall swirls as you go. Cut the eyelash shapes from a small piece of black fondant, and use pink fondant for the mouth. Add birthday candles, and there you have it!


Are you inspired to throw a Shopkins party for your child? What kind of party should we showcase next? If you like this post and want to see more like it, then let us know! Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to share your thoughts, or leave a comment below. Be sure to check out our Pinterest boards, too, where we’re always adding tons of new party ideas.


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