Shopkins Birthday Party by Brittany Schwaigert

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My name is Brittany Schwaigert from GreyGrey Designs, and I am one of the featured stylists for the Birthday Express ideas blog. I’ll be blogging here twice a month, giving you fresh ideas on how to take your Birthday Express parties to the next level and hopefully inspiring you to D.I.Y. your next party too.  I’m so excited to continue working with Birthday Express this year on some really fun, new party themes and new spins on classic ones!


Since I am mom to two boys, Shopkins were not really on my radar until very recently. But, when I did find out about them, I was immediately smitten with how cute they are! If I were a little girl, I would be enthralled with Shopkins — they’re just SO cute. When I was a little girl, we had The Charmkins, and they remind me so much of those cute little toys that I used to cherish!



So, believe me when I say that Shopkins are going to be a HUGE party theme in 2016. Girls all over the world are going crazy for them. I’m sure that they were a hot Christmas gift this past season!  If your little one loves them too, Birthday Express has the cutest Shopkins party supplies anywhere.



I took a lot of my inspiration for this party decor from the design of these Shopkins plates, with their light blue striped background and hot pink borders. I used that element in a lot of the design of the party, including the blue and white striped tablecloth.



I found this fabric at a craft store and used it as an overlay on top of a simple white tablecloth. A good tip for you party-planning moms is to use a 6-foot folding table for your main party table. Then, if you ask the fabric store to cut three yards of your favorite fabric, that will cover the top of a 6-foot table perfectly. I always use a full-length tablecloth underneath, to disguise the table legs.



For the backdrop, I started with a light pink patterned paper and added these fun paper fans in blue and pink. Then, in the middle of the backdrop, I displayed this fun giant Shopkins wall decal. I applied it to a piece of large posterboard to give it stability and used an X-acto knife to cut around it.



You can have SO much fun with your menu for a Shopkins party because so many of the characters are food items — it was actually hard for me to narrow it down! I knew I wanted to do cake pops instead of a traditional cake, so I contacted Nicole at Bella’s Bakery and Bowtique. She created these AMAZING cake pops based on the wall decal. To display them, I made a faux-cake using a hat box, cardstock and some yellow tissue festooning. To make them taller, I covered the sticks with purple and pink striped straws.



Around the base of the cake pop stand, I displayed these cute nail polishes and cupcake lip glosses from Birthday Express. Aren’t they adorably tiny, just like Shopkins? They would be great to take home in these Candy Shoppe favor boxes!



One of my favorite characters from the Shopkins is the cute Toasty Bread. To bring her into the food, I filled these cups with French Toast Crunch cereal. My kids love this cereal and it’s basically a treat already, so it makes the perfect party food.



Of course there had to be popcorn, for Poppy Corn! I made simple popcorn from a microwave bag and displayed it in the classic red and white striped boxes, just like Poppy Corn.



I did a simple pink cupcake with these pink glittered cupcake wrappers, just like Cupcake Chic. For the cupcake toppers, I added actual Shopkins! They were the perfect thing to top these fun pink cupcakes. Plus, the girls would love being able to take home a new Shopkin for their collection.



For the rest of my treats, I did a simple chocolate chip cookie to represent Kooky Cookie.



And to represent Polly Polish, I made these adorable edible nail polishes! They are SO easy, and I promise you can make them: all they are is a large marshmallow dipped in melting candies, with a Tootsie Roll on top.


Shop until you drop at your next party!


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All styling and photography in this post prepared by Brittany Schwaigert of GreyGrey Designs.

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