Rainbow Unicorn Party by Kate Hamernik

Hello!  My name is Kate and I am excited to be here.  I blog over at Catching Up With Kate mainly about watching my kids grow into big people and the things we do along the way.  I am thrilled to join Birthday Express today as a guest blogger where I can share about how we combined two themes for an epic four year old birthday party.  We used Birthday Express items combined for a bright and whimsical Rainbow Unicorn Party!

Birthday Express had everything we needed for a fantastic Rainbow Unicorn Party!  My imaginative four year old was thrilled to see it come together and put together all of the fun details.  We used many of the Unicorn themed items as well as Rainbow decor to bring a bright and fun theme together.


We used Birthday Express Unicorn Plates, Napkins, and Tablecloths to start the look.  Rainbow Banners, Balloons, Paper decorator items and more finished the look.  Because we used several rainbow balloons as well as the Enchanted Unicorn Balloon Bouquet, I am glad we also ordered a disposable helium tank. We were able to blow up about three dozen balloons no problem!  We were not at a loss for items that fit into our theme!


We carefully saved some of the decorative paper products. We loved that we had every color of the rainbow showcased for our theme, but we will save them to use individually at parties to come!


The Rainbow Pinata Kit  could not have been easier to use. The pinata doubled as a pretty food table decor item until it was time for the kids to line up.


While you can purchase each item individually, this was more economical and so easy. The pretty rainbow pinata, candy, small toys, and even the buster and blindfold are all included.

Our parties consist of mostly healthy but fun snacks, a special treat drink, and of course cupcakes!


With a theme like rainbow we found healthy snacks are so easy. We had to refill our rainbow fruit tray at least three times! We simply used strawberries, oranges, pineapple, green grapes, blueberries, and purple grapes displayed in rainbow order. The kids thought it was so clever and most felt the need to have a whole rainbow on their little plates — it was perfect!

Rainbow Unicorn Party Punch is an updated punch my mom used to make for parties when I was little.


We used a natural lemon lime soda, rainbow sherbet, a dollop of whipped cream, and of course a dash of rainbow sprinkles! Kids were thrilled to drink their “fancy” rainbow unicorn party punch in an Enchanted Unicorn Goblet and they were even more excited when they got to take their goblet home!


Topping the drink off with a paper straw just made it look extra fanciful, don’t you think?


And what party is any party at all without cupcakes?


I made a simple white cupcake with sprinkles inside the batter (of course we had to have sprinkles at every possible turn). Cupcakes were iced in either white or red and again topped sprinkles.


We used a combination of Rainbow Wishes Cupcake Express Value packs and Enchanted Unicorn Reversible Cupcake Wrappers. As with so many of the other items, the items from the two different lines looked so great together!


We really loved the cupcake boxes that came with the Express Value Packs. Several guests brought home a cupcake for a family member and the box was a fun touch.


And for our guests who were kind enough to spend the day with us, we sent them home with an Enchanted Unicorn Filled Party Favor Box.


Inside each box was a set of crayons, note pad, stickers, a blowout and (everyone’s favorite) a Unicorn Bean Bag Plush!


From the beginning to the end of our magical Rainbow Unicorn Birthday Party, every step was easy with Birthday Express!


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Thank you so much to Birthday Express for having me! I hope to see you all real soon!

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