Princess Birthday Party Themes

Every little girl deserves to feel like a princess on her birthday, and making birthday celebrations extra special is what we’re all about at Birthday Express! So, today we’re talking about the very best of our  amazing princess birthday themes that you can use to make your daughter’s next birthday one to remember.

All of our birthday themes are a complete party in a box, too. From any party theme page on our site, just tell us the number of guests you’re expecting, and we’ll take you directly to a curated collection of perfect party supplies for your theme! Customize your party however you like, and we’ll ship it to your door in one convenient step.

Disney Princess Party Theme


The one celebrating her birthday isn’t just a princess, she’s a VIP! This Disney birthday theme combines the best of all the Disney Princesses into one. Ariel, Rapunzel, Cinderella, and rest of the classic princesses are here to help celebrate.

VIP_goblet plate

Everything about these princess party supplies is simply enchanting, and you can make the party even more breathtaking by adding accessories and special party favors like purple goblets and faux pearls.

Standup_Sophia 38

Every princess needs a castle! The kids will love playing in and around this cardboard castle stand-up, and it’s super easy to put together, too.

Frozen Birthday Party Theme


We’ve mentioned Frozen and Frozen party supplies many times on this blog, but only because it’s still the number one birthday theme for girls by far!


These plates, napkins, and tableware come in beautiful shades of purple and blue, with designs taken straight from the movie. Accessorize with solid colors to match, or go all out with Frozen balloons and decorations.


Frozen costumes are a great way to make the guest of honor feel like princess, too. She can dress up just like Anna or Elsa for her birthday, and then again on Halloween! These costumes also make great additions to the playroom.

If you want to learn even more about Frozen birthday party ideas, click here for our last Frozen birthday blog, with stunning photos styled by Brittany Schwaigert of Grey Grey Designs.

Sofia the First Party Theme

TableShot_Sophia 14

Sofia might be one of the littlest princesses of all, but she’s one of our favorites! Our Sofia the First party supplies are every bit as royal and majestic as she is.

Chair Feathers_Sophie02962

Style ordinary chairs with feather boas and bolts of pink and purple tulle to turn your living room into a royal dining hall.


Just like we did with Frozen costumes, use tutus and other princess dress-up costumes to make the party even more fun!

Did this post inspire you with ideas for your daughter’s next birthday? What was your favorite birthday theme when you were a kid? What birthday party themes should we come up with next? Let us know your thoughts and share your party pics with us on Facebook and on Twitter @BirthdayExpress! Be sure to check out our boards on Pinterest, too – we’re constantly adding new sources of birthday party ideas and inspiration for all of our amazing themes.

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