Pink Cowgirl Birthday Party

Our Pink Cowgirl party supplies are all about horsepower! This party theme is perfect for girls that love showing the boys “anything you can do, I can do better,” while keeping things pretty and pink at the same time.

Read on to discover our new and easy DIY party ideas that anyone can create, and get inspired by an extra special Pink Cowgirl party styled by party expert Amanda Auer.

D.I.Y. Pink Cowgirl Table Decorations

This set of DIY table settings and centerpieces creates the perfect birthday party atmosphere for any cowgirl!


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First, prepare the centerpiece decoration that will hold and display all of the table settings. Cut or fold a pink bandana in half diagonally, and tie it in a basic knot around a mini metal bucket. Secure the bandana in the back with tape or hot glue if needed.

Next, place a set of pink silverware for each guest in the center of a folded pink paper napkin. Fold the napkin in thirds around the silverware, so that it forms a pouch, and secure it with tape. Use pink curling ribbon to tie a bow around each wrapped silverware bundle.

Cut several pieces of pink tulle fabric, about 6 to 8 inches in length, and scrunch each one into a small “bouquet” by gathering it in the middle and securing with either a piece of tape or a small rubber band. Stuff the bouquets, along with the bundles of tableware, into the decorated buckets.

For the finishing touch, use a plastic boot cup to display some striped straws! These cups also make great serve-ware for snacks and finger foods.


D.I.Y. Pink Cowgirl Treat Bags

Use these treat bags to create bundles of wrapped snacks and other goodies for the guests, or adapt this tutorial and use it to wrap small gifts for the guest of honor!


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The tutorial for this one is extraordinarily simple, but the finished product still looks extraordinary! Begin by unfolding and laying out a pink bandana in front of you. Place your treats or party favors in the center of the bandana, and fold the corners of the bandana up and around them so they are fully wrapped.

Close your homemade party favor pouch with a simple bow of pink ribbon – this grosgrain ribbon happens to be patterned with Pink Cowgirl designs, so it’s the perfect fit for this party theme! Feel free to use it alongside your favorite gift wrap, too. Finish by clipping a shiny, silver sheriff badge on top of the treat bag.


D.I.Y. Pink Cowgirl Wall Decorations

Here’s another fun way to incorporate costumes into your party plans – cowgirls need to look the part, after all! What looks like trendy, Western-themed wall garland is really an assortment of fun dress-up items and accessories for the guests to wear.


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Measure your party space to figure out how large your decoration should be, and then cut a few lengths of twine, pink yarn, or other suitably strong string at that size. Keep in mind that a little bit of slack is usually preferable, and you can always trim off any excess. Then, the strings can be hung on the wall either with strong tape or with self-adhesive hooks.

Use wooden clothespins to hang the cowboy hats on the strings, leaving a little bit of space in between each one. Fold the pink bandanas and hang them with clothespins as well, and pin each sheriff badge onto a bandana.

After all the accessories have been added and hung on the wall, add some fluffy tissue paper decorations above everything, hung from the ceiling. Pink Cowgirl wall decals add more color and cowgirl flair to the mix.


D.I.Y. Pink Cowgirl Tutu

While we’re on the subject of dress-up, here’s a quick D.I.Y. costume item that’s easy enough for anyone to put together in minutes.


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  • 35″ elastic band
  • Scissors


Measure and cut a piece of elastic that will fit snugly around your child’s waist. Make sure that you include about 4 extra inches of length, so that there will be enough slack for tying the tutu later.

Cut up all of the pink bandanas and cow print bandanas into 3-inch strips, and cut some strips of the same width from a roll of pink tulle. For our tutu, we used 51 strips of tulle in conjunction with the bandana fabric.

Knot each piece of fabric onto the elastic, evenly spacing and layering the different textures until the elastic is full. Once you’re finished, pair this homemade tutu with a cow print vest, pink cowboy hat, or other cowgirl costumes to give the birthday girl the most glamorous cowgirl look ever!


Guest Stylist: Amanda Auer

We were thrilled to have Amanda Auer of In the Now Weddings and Events put together this super-chic, country-inspired birthday party with our Pink Cowgirl party supplies. Amanda utilized pastel accents and lacy frills to instill the rustic theme of Pink Cowgirl while keeping it adorably age-appropriate.

This decidedly girly feel takes into consideration busy parents. Everything was created using time-saving techniques that are easy to mimic.

Party Decorations

Pink Cowgirl Party

Amanda rented wooden chairs with graceful lines and used delicate table linens to balance out straw accents. Western boot cups were used as vases for pretty tulips and Ranunculus blossoms purchased at the local flower mart. Setting up dining tables outdoors adds to the Pink Cowgirl theme and also makes cleanup easier.


Feminine floral arrangements are tempered with miniature hay bales and woodsy risers.


Borrowed chargers sandwiching elegant linen napkins add instant sophistication to Pink Cowgirl dinner plates and patterned cups with straws. Pink Cowgirl hair ties hold bamboo utensils together, while linen placemats provide the perfect backdrop.


Straw cowgirl hats rimmed in pink help get guests into the party mood while adding to the Western ambiance. Meanwhile, the birthday girl stands out in her own bejeweled chapeau.


Glass milk bottles and ceramic pitchers also made lovely vessels for flowers.

Another option for place settings combines pink bandanas, rosy utensils, and two types of plates (Pink Cowgirl-themed and solid) with activity placemats and diminutive milk bottles wrapped in paper doilies and tied with twine.


Pink bandanas needn’t be utilized as napkins – they can still be used for their original purpose! A store-bought doily fastened with twine allows pink candy to peek-a-boo through a canning jar.


A fun way to guarantee great photo ops is to provide cowgirl-inspired dress-up pieces for attendees (and the birthday girl!) to mix and match.

Party Food Ideas


Our beautiful, three-step menu benefits from being displayed on and around basic household items accented with inexpensive, easy-to-find materials such as ribbon, burlap, and even a stretch of rope. A backdrop Amanda composed of sheets sewn together with swatches of lace tips the scale of the table towards sweetness, while a burlap runner and faux-stump risers add a touch of rustic beauty to the scene.

Birthday Cake and Ice Cream


You needn’t feel obligated to serve a full lunch if the birthday party doesn’t fall during a recognized mealtime. Embellished cupcakes, ice cream cones, and strawberry milk are easy on the eyes as well as a your busy schedule.

PinkCowgirl-Food-3 PinkCowgirl-Food-4 PinkCowgirl-Food-5

Ideas for Lunch


If serving lunch is a must (or you simply have time for it), flower-shaped tea sandwiches served on a bed of lettuce are eye-catching and easy to make. Pair them with sides of strawberries and yogurt in lace-wrapped jars for a sweet-but-healthy addition to your cowgirl menu.


Party Snack IdeasPinkCowgirl-Food-8

You can round out the menu (or supplement drinks and dessert) by adding store-bought treats cleverly presented to fit with the decor.

  • Brownie bites served in a basket lined with burlap and edged in added lace
  • Popcorn mixed with yogurt-covered pretzels and mini marshmallows served in a trifle bowl
  • Cookies proffered in a clear apothecary jar


Party Activity Ideas

Jewelry Holders PinkCowgirl-Activity-1

Guests get to decorate and take home their very own DIY Jewelry Holders. Just tap pieces of driftwood with diminutive nails and set out supplies at a crafting station.


Attendees personalize their DIY Jewelry Holders with puffy paint and glitter. Pretty placemats protect the grass and contribute to the party’s color scheme.


The finished product: perfect for organizing bracelets and necklaces.

Sweet Darts Game PinkCowgirl-Activity-4b

This DIY party game gives a pin-the-tail spin on darts. Blindfolded guests attempt to “hit” the bull’s eye with soft felt “darts.”

Party Favors

All you need for this pretty display are alternating favor boxes (Amanda mixed Pink Cowgirl boxes with gingham versions), plus a plush horse and cowgirl hat to decorate. Lollipops, yo-yosnotepads, and stickers make great favor-box fillers.

PinkCowgirl-Favor-2 Short on time? Opt for pre-filled favor boxes that come with an array of treats.


PinkCowgirl-Invitation-HeroIt’s easy to dress up Pink Cowgirl invitations – just add satin bows with adhesive dots and seal the envelopes with patterned stickers. PinkCowgirl-Invitation-EviteThis adorable Pink Cowgirl Evite invitation blends the look of the theme with the convenience of an online reminder.

Will you be using these party ideas to plan your child’s next birthday party? What kind of party themes should we show off next? If you liked this post and want to see more like it, then let us know! Tell us what you think on Facebook, or on Twitter @BirthdayExpress. Check out our Pinterest boards for even more great birthday party ideas, too.


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