DIY Owl Blossom Party Ideas

If your little one isn’t into princesses or puppies or ponies, if she doesn’t flip for Frozen, if Dora and Doc McStuffins don’t do it for her, then maybe you need to think outside the box for her birthday party theme.   One of our most popular themes is the cute and colorful Owl Blossom, full of pink and purple flowers and adorable owls. Plus, it’s exclusive to Birthday Express, so you won’t find it anywhere else!


(How cute is that?)


For all the basics of an Owl Blossom party, you can get one of our Express Value Packs.

Owl blossom Party Pack

To throw a total owl-tastic blowout, take a peek at our complete Owl Blossom Party in a Box.


(Porcelain owl figurines not included.)

But if you really want to add that sought-after WOW! factor, you need a little something extra.  And our DIY kits can certainly provide that, plus a whole lot more.  And the great thing about these kits is that we give you everything you need to realize your perfect party vision, aside from a few common crafting items like scrapbook paper, tape, fishing line and a hot glue gun.  And once you have all you need for your project, we make sure it’ll turn out just right, with our included, easy to follow directions.

DIY Owl Blossom Wall Decor

Owl Blossom Wall 2

Our DIY Owl Blossom Wall Decor kit features two adorable paper lantern owls, three fluffy decorations, and a crepe paper picket fence. All you need to complete the look are a few sheets of scrapbook paper for the wings, beak and talons, and some buttons of varying sizes for the big owl eyes. We recommend attaching everything with hot glue, but you could easily use tape in a pinch.

Owl Blossome Wall 1

Here you can see the DIY Wall Decor kit in a greater party context, featuring our DIY Favor Kit, and using one of the paper lantern owls as a table centerpiece instead of a hanging decoration.

DIY Owl Blossom Room Decor

Owl Blossom Room 1

Our DIY Owl Blossom Room Decor Kit features both paper lanterns and fluffy decorations in abundance, all in beautiful pastel colors that match the party supplies in the Owl Blossom collection.

Owl Blossom Room 2

Here you can see the party supplies in full effect, along with the tulle chair decorations that also come with the DIY Room Decor Kit.
(The cups in this picture are actually from our other owl-based birthday theme. You might want to mix and match the two to get a more varied look.)

DIY Owl Blossom Balloon Decor

Owl Blossom Balloon 1

Our DIY Owl Blossom Balloon Decor Kit might just be the thing that puts your little one’s party over the top!  It comes with 21 packs of balloons, enough to make a majestic tree and a beautiful fluffy cloud. Also included is a pastel purple paper lantern, so you can create your own owl to nest in the branches. Again, a few sheets of scrapbook paper and four buttons are all you need to provide to realize this little hooting cutie.

Owl Blossom Balloon 2

As you can see, the DIY Balloon Kit provides the perfect framing for the rest of your party set-up.

DIY Owl Blossom Favor BucketsOwl Blossom Candy 1


Our DIY Owl Blossom Favor Buckets come with enough colorful, tasty candy to satisfy every sweet tooth at the party. We also include tulle and Owl Blossom themed stickers, to dress up these colorful pails.

Owl Blossom Candy 2

When you put two or more of our DIY Kits together, you can really see how the colors complement each other. If your little one wants an owl birthday party, or even if she just loves bright colors, she’s sure to love the Owl Blossom birthday theme and these DIY projects are just the right finishing touch!

Have we inspired you to add a DIY touch to your little one’s festivities?
What kind of party should we feature next?
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