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I have two little book lovers in my house. Now that they are getting close to learning to read, they love books even more. I wanted to think of a way to incorporate books into a birthday party theme. While browsing Birthday Express, I saw adorable Owl Party Supplies and thought some “wise owls” would go along great with “wise” little children who love books! I got to work thinking up some crafts, activities and snacks that would go along with the theme.




For the plates, napkins, flatware and cups, we used the Owl Blossom party supplies from Birthday Express. The reusable owl cups looked so cute on the table and were a nice treat for the kids to take home.


We made a reading area in one room in our house. We set up a book shelf and decorated with awesome owl wall decals from Birthday Express. These decals were easy to put up and came off the wall easily too. They were actually in perfect condition when we took them down, and we were able to reuse them in our playroom as some permanent decor!



Book Exchange

We asked each guest, in their invitation, to bring a few books they were done with. When they arrived, they added the book to the bookshelf. During the party, the children had a chance to visit the bookshelf and select new books to take home. It was a fun activity and a great way for all the kids to “trade” books.


Paper Bag Owls

How to: Ahead of time I pre-cut out the circles for the eyes, the beaks and the different colors to add to the “belly.” The children at our party were age 5 and under. If you have older kids attending, they could easily cut everything out themselves.


All of the kids got a brown lunch bag to start. We filled the bag with a few pieces of paper towels/napkins to make it look stuffed. Then we folded and glued down the top of the bag to make the shape of the face. Then the kids glued all the cut-out pieces onto the owl. This was a fun craft!


Scratch Art Bookmarks 


We love scratch art, and I was thrilled to find a kit with pre-cut bookmarks. The kids scratched off their bookmarks to make pretty designs and then I helped tie a ribbon on top.


Reading Trees

For this simple craft, I found foam tree shapes, bought fuzzy owl stickers and then cut out a bunch of green leaves from construction paper. The kids had fun gluing on the leaves and adding colorful owls.



Owl Cupcakes


How to: Bake and ice cupcakes. Separate chocolate sandwich cookies (we used Oreos). Use the sides with the frosting for the eyes. Use the sides without the frosting to make “eyebrows” by breaking them in half. Using a bit of cupcake frosting, stick M&Ms in the center of the eyes. Make the owl’s nose with a jelly bean. The kids thought these cupcakes were a “real hoot”!




For the favors, I used brown gift bags that I decorate with a tag I made saying “Whooo’s Ready to Read?” Inside was a new book (I searched Amazon for a great deal!), a pencil and stickers. Then we used the bag as a place to put all of the crafts they made and their books from the book exchange.


This party was a lot of fun and it was a great way to incorporate reading into the celebration!

Be sure to check out Birthday Express to see the full Owl Blossom party line.

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