Hello Kitty Rainbow Party

Hello Kitty has recently become a worldwide, multi-billion dollar phenomenon, with that cute little fuzzy face seen everywhere and on everything, but did you know her first appearance was over forty years ago? It’s true. She first showed up on a purse in Japan all the way back in 1974! And now she has her own plane.  Literally.

Hello Kitty Airplane

Actually, she has her own airlineNot too shabby for a cartoon cat.  You don’t see Garfield’s face on a fleet of 747s.

In addition to her skills in aviation, she’s also incredibly popular with little girls, and she’s a top birthday theme year after year. So here at BirthdayExpress, we have a brand new theme called Hello Kitty Rainbow, and it’s pretty fitting.

Hello Kitty and rainbows are a perfect combination.

Click here for a peek at our new Rainbow color theme.
Click here for a look at our popular Rainbow Wishes theme.
And click here to see Rainbow Wishes in action, courtesy of guest blogger Courtney Byrne.
All of the items from these themes can be mixed and matched to create the perfect look for your little one’s big day!


Hello Kitty Rainbow Tableware & Favors

Hello Kitty Rainbow LS_close ups (1)

Can’t have a party without a beautiful table, decorated with the theme of the day.

Hello Kitty Tablecover

Start off your table decor with a colorful tablecover, then add plates, cups and napkins.  You can get everything you need in our Express Value Pack.

For a clever way to set the table check out this cute cutlery pouch:

Hello Kitty Rainbow LS_close ups (7)

Fold a napkin into thirds, as shown. We used white scrapbook paper, cut to fit slightly larger than the folded napkin. The whiskers are cut from black placemats and the eyes and nose are drawn on with marker. We taped to the abstract kitty to the placemat with washi tape, then inserted a fork and spoon. Adorable.
To make the party drinkware do double duty as party favor, consider using these supercute Hello Kitty Rainbow water bottles.

Hello Kitty Water Bottle

And speaking of party favors, check out these options, just a small selection of what we have available for your party guests!

Hello Kitty Favor Montage

That’s a Hello Kitty tiara, mini-bubbles, sticker sheets, and temporary tattoos, any of which would make for a perfect party favor.

As a transition from favors and tableware to decorations, check out this table decor kit.

Hello Kitty Table Decor

This kit includes a large fringed centerpiece, two smaller centerpieces and 20 pieces of Hello Kitty confetti.

Hello Kitty Rainbow Decorations

Hello Kitty Rainbow LS_close ups

BirthdayExpress has a great selection of fantastic Hello Kitty Decorations, from swirly ceiling decorations to Happy Birthday banners. But if you’d like to take a more DIY approach to your decor, we’ve got you covered there, too.


Hello Kitty Rainbow LS_close ups (10)

For this adorable Hello Kitty Paper Lantern, start with a simple white paper lantern.  Cut whiskers, eyes, ears, a nose and a bow out of scrapbook or construction paper, and glue them to the paper lantern to create the perfect kitty face. To create the same overall look that we did, add in some colored paper lanterns  and fluffy decorations (these ones are rainbow colored!).

Hello Kitty Pinata

To combine a decoration with a beloved party activity, get this Hello Kitty Pinata!


Hello Kitty Rainbow LS_close ups (20)

Can’t have a party without balloons! Above you can see pieces from our Hello Kitty Balloon bouquet. Below, you can see our Hello Kitty shaped foil balloon. Either, or both, would make a great addition to your little one’s birthday party decorations.

Hello Kitty Foil Balloon

And if your little one likes balloons, she’s sure to love this!

Hello Kitty Airwalker (1)

This right here is our life size, 4 feet tall Hello Kitty Airwalker balloon! And just like our little party girls, your daughter will be dancing with joy!

Hello Kitty Rainbow Food Ideas

Hello Kitty Rainbow LS_close ups (13)

For a smorgasbord of tasty treats, try these recipes that will have all the kitties at the party purring!


Hello Kitty Rainbow LS_close ups (17)

Get our Hello Kitty cupcake kit, which comes with these pink polka dot wrappers. For the little pink bows, we used fondant sheets from a local craft store, cut into shapes with a cookie cutter.

Hello Kitty Rainbow LS_close ups (14)

This fun little candy conveyance starts with a plastic keepsake cup, filled with pink Sixlets candy, and topped with pastel pink and purple lollipops.

Hello Kitty Rainbow LS_close ups (18)

These berry and cookie concoctions are made by starting out with a chocolate chip cookie as a base, then pull apart some Milano cookies, and “glue” them around the base using dabs of chocolate frosting. For extra support, and to get a special look, wrap a ribbon around the cylinder and secure with tape. Then just fill with sliced berries or whatever you desire.


Hello Kitty Rainbow LS_close ups (16)

Hello Kitty cookies are practically everywhere now, from boutique bakeries to your local grocery store.  And if you’d rather not go with store-bought, there are all sorts of recipes out there to help you make your own–with help from the birthday girl if you’d like!

Hello Kitty Rainbow LS_close ups (15)

This cake is ringed by Sixlet candies, and topped by this Hello Kitty cake topper. For an alternative cake decorating scheme, you might opt for this Hello Kitty candle set:

Hello Kitty Candle Set

If you’re looking for an over-the-top, crazy amazing cake idea that will really bring the wow factor to your daughter’s party, allow us to close with a gallery of some the most amaza-crazy Hello Kitty cakes the internet has ever seen!

Amaza-Crazy Hello Kitty Cake Ideas

Hello Kitty Cake 3

Hello Kitty Cake 6

Hello Kitty Cake 1


Hello Kitty Cake 4

Hello Kitty Cake 2

Hello Kitty Cake 5


Check out all of our Hello Kitty Rainbow party supplies at BirthdayExpress.com!

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What kind of party theme should we feature next?
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