Rainbow Wishes Birthday Party By Courtney Byrne

Hi fellow party planners! I’m Courtney Byrne from The Chirping Moms and I am one of the featured stylists for the Birthday Express Ideas Blog. I’ll be here about twice a month, sharing some of my favorite party themes from Birthday Express along with fun party activities, food and planning tips!
I’m kicking off my party posts with one of the brightest, most cheerful themes yet: Rainbow Wishes.


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All of the items from these themes can be mixed and matched to create the perfect look for your little one’s big day!

When it’s snowing on your birthday, there’s no better way to “brighten up the day” than with a Rainbow Wishes Party. This year my oldest daughter turned 5; her favorite thing to do is color and draw. She loves paint, markers and everything bright and colorful. We threw a Rainbow Wishes themed party and it was a big hit with all the kids, especially the birthday girl.


Rainbow Wishes Laugher

The best part about the Rainbow Wishes theme from Birthday Express is that there are so many fun things you can easily do to go along with it.
Here are a few ways to make a Rainbow Party bright:

Rainbow Wishes Decor

To decorate and set up our party, we started with the Rainbow Wishes Complete Party in a Box. This helped get us inspired to add more colorful decor to the party. The set included paper products such as plates, napkins, and cups.


Rainbow Wishes Table Settings

We loved the pretty light-blue tablecover, which my daughter pointed out looked like the sky. We added Rainbow Wishes centerpieces to the tables along with some rainbow crafts (see below).  Then, rainbow colored balloons tied everything together and really made the whole party bright!

Rainbow Wishes Centerpiece


Rainbow Wishes Food

To feed the guests with a “rainbow of snacks,” head to the grocery store and grab an assortment of fruit and veggies. You’ll quickly find that you have a rainbow of colors ready to eat! You can make a veggie platter in the shape of a rainbow and a yummy, colorful fruit salad. For an easy dessert, here’s how we made rainbow cupcakes:

Rainbow Wishes Cupcake

These are just simple vanilla cupcakes with white frosting; we added rainbow colored mini candies to create a rainbow on top.


Rainbow Wishes Party Activities & Crafts

We had the party at a place where kids could run around indoors. We had an assortment of rainbow-themed activities for the guests to enjoy in between playing. An easy, very colorful craft is making jewelry with plastic pony beads and rainbow string. The kids loved making rainbow bracelets and necklaces to wear. By the end of the party, the kids looked very colorful!

Rainbow Wishes Beads

I also put together clear tubs filled with crayons. These served as bright, colorful additions to the tables. To go with them, I printed rainbow coloring pages that I found online. Each child colored one and had a beautiful rainbow to take home.

Rainbow Wishes Coloring

Another great activity is to use Rainbow Wishes Activity Placemats. They make the tables look festive as placemats for each guest, and when they flip them over, there are tons of fun activities for them to do. The bonus is that they come with cute little packs of crayons that the guests can use and then take home.

Rainbow Wishes Coloring Page


Rainbow Wishes Party Favors

For the favor bags, I realized I had an assortment of striped paper bags left over from other parties. They were all different colors, and I made them all look similar by adding big rainbow stickers from Birthday Express. Inside I wanted to find one “big” item that went with the theme, and my daughter helped me pick rainbow star headbands. These were a huge hit with the guests. Now, it’s fun to see the guests wearing them to school and around town.

Rainbow Wishes Photos

Along with the headband, we added bold colored yo-yos, rainbow swirl lollipops, a bright colored lip gloss and Smarties. My daughter picked the Smarties because she said it looks like a rainbow of colors in each pack.


Rainbow Wishes Thirsty Cutie Pie

I hope this has inspired you to have a bright, cheery Rainbow Wishes themed party!
What kind of party should we design and feature next?
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