DIY Little Spa Party

You love a nice relaxing day at the spa. Being pampered, feeling rejuvenated, getting away from it all and just taking some time to de-stress.  Your daughter is no different, and every time you go to the spa without her, she gets a little jealous. This year, for her birthday, treat her to her very own spa day, without all the mess of the seaweed wrap/mud bath!  Birthday Express has wonderful, one of a kind spa themed party supplies that allow you to put your own stamp on this particular spa, and who knows? Maybe next year you’ll be opening your own spa for real!



DIY Little Spa Party Table Decor

To get this great party  look, we used contrasting tablecovers, bunching one of them for a texture that matches our fluffy decorations and our circular accordion fans.  As for the glass jars, they are available at most large crafting stores. Alternatively, you could just use the biggest glass vases that you already own.

Spa Party 3

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First, place a silver chevron tablecover over your table. Then, to create a layered effect, scrunch up a blue tablecover like an accordion, lengthwise, and use tape to attach it to the center of the front edge of the table. Tape it again about 18 inches from either side, so that the remaining tablecover hangs straight down.

Attach white fluffy decorations to each taped point of the blue tablecover. Trim other white and pink fluffy decorations into round shapes, and display on the table in decorative glass jars.

Fill balloons with helium and tie off with curling ribbon. Create clusters of three balloons each, and tie to metal bucket handles. Place Spa Party stickers on front of buckets.

Assemble paper fans and hang on wall behind table. Place one Spa Party plate in the center of each fan.


DIY Little Spa Party Room Decor

Ready for some fun party photo ops? This giant bubble bath cardboard stand up provides plenty! It also provides plenty of extra bubbles, too.

Spa Party 1

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Once the Spa Party cardboard is assembled, place it against a wall. Cut some lengths of pink tulle to hang on either side of the standup. Tape them to the wall at an angle, so that they form a peak as shown in the photo above. Use blue fluffy decorations at each point of the tulle peaks to hide any imperfections.

Inflate the balloons with air and scatter them around the party scene, to make it look like the bubble bath prop is overflowing. We used three packs of white balloons and four packs of seafoam balloons for our decoration, so keep that in mind when creating this effect. You can also use tape to affix balloons to the walls and cardboard standup, too.


DIY Little Spa Party Favors

Even little girls need their beauty rest, and everyone knows a sleep mask is helpful in that department.  These fun D.I.Y. spa masks can be made before the party, or, for a fun party time activity, consider having the guests each make their own.

Spa Party 2

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First, with decorative or zigzag scissors, cut a sleeping mask shape from hot pink and teal placemats. Cut some smaller mask shapes with regular scissors from the light pink placemat.

Glue each smaller mask shape onto a larger mask shape, and make a small hole on each end of the mask.

Place each mask into a cellophane bag, along with body gems and a length of pink fabric ribbon. Secure the top of the bag with curling ribbon. Add a Little Spa Party sticker to the outside of the bag.

DIY Little Spa Party Activities

Here’s another fun idea for the party, a wonderful spa activity kit to get the festivities off to a great start. From ice cream flavored lip balm (really, shouldn’t all lip balm taste like ice cream?), to colorful nail polishes, everything’s there to give all the guests a great makeover.

Spa Party 4

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To decorate each party favor bucket, first adhere Little Spa Party stickers to a scrapbook paper, and cut out. Make a small hole in the top center of each sticker, and use curling ribbon to tie each one onto a bucket.

Fill party favor buckets with lip balms, nail polishes, and glittery dollar store flip flops. Fill remaining space in buckets with pieces of tulle fabric.

Have we inspired you to throw a Spa birthday party and pamper your little birthday girl? What kind of party theme should we feature next? If you enjoyed this post and want to see more like it, then follow us on Twitter and Facebook, and tell us what you think! Check out our Pinterest boards for more great ideas, too!

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