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Disney’s Descendants is the biggest sensation since Frozen. In the story, Belle and Beast have gotten married and banished all of the evil villains to the Isle of the Lost, where magic has no effect.  It’s up to the children of the villains and the children of the heroes to prove that everyone can get along. The main characters are Mal, daughter of Malificent, and Evie, daughter of Snow White’s Evil Queen, and they are featured heavily in the new Disney’s Descendants party theme, available at BirthdayExpress! With the popularity of Descendants rising every day, the chances are good that your little princess will be begging for a magical birthday this year, and we have some great ideas to make her party stand out from the rest!

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The most important thing at any party is a great menu, so check out these recipes that are fit for a queen!

For starters, serve your berry punch in mason jars, dressed up with patterned paper straws and a piece of free dragon clip art, attached with a length of curling ribbon.

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Get plates, cups and napkins for your Descendants party, plus so much more, in our Complete Party in a Box.

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This cake topper set is the perfect finishing touch for any cake, royal or otherwise.

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These cupcake toppers double as Descendants rings, which can then be used as party favors!

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These magnificent Maleficent brownie treats have horns made from fondant, anchored with a dollop of black frosting.

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These delicious bones are made from store-bought breadstick dough, and a little marinara sauce adds a bit of zing.

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These Victory Pizzas are made from mini pizza crusts, with mini pepperonis, and shredded cheddar as toppings. We used cheese spread as sauce, but you could easily use some of the leftover marinara sauce from the bone breadsticks.

Disney Descendants_LS (3)

We suspended some apples from a household sculpture to get that Snow White feel just right! (Sleep potion optional.)

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Nothing takes a party to the next level like some great costumes to play dress-up with! The birthday princess can be Mal or Evie.

Disney Descendants_Costume LS (62)

With our great Maleficent costumes, even Mom can get in on the fun!

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