How to Create a Stunning Winter Wonderland Birthday Party

Winter birthday party ideas for kids can be a little tricky sometimes – not only can holidays complicate things, but the weather sometimes gets in the way of fun outdoor party activities, too, depending on where you live.

So, embrace the ice and snow and transform your home into a breathtaking Winter Wonderland! Winter Wonderland party supplies are perfect for those who love a DIY party theme, and we’ve prepare some DIY decorating tutorials to get you started. Keep on reading to learn more!

D.I.Y. Winter Wonderland Room Décor

This majestic archway will set the scene gorgeously as the guests arrive at the party – or use it to further enhance your tablescape.

DIY_Winter Wonderland_Tablr Decor LS

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First begin by assembling the plastic balloon arch – each of the four pole pieces snap together with easy connectors into an 11-foot-long piece. Then, while the arch is still flat, wrap the snowflake garland and string of lights around it. Here’s a close-up shot of a finished section of the arch, so you can get a better idea of how all the elements work together:

DIY_Winter Wonderland_Table Decor_Gridview_close up (2)

The arch can then be connected to a table with the included clamps, or stuck anywhere with some white duct tape.

Use some Scotch tape to place felt snowflakes around the arch, plug in the string of lights, and you’re good to go!


D.I.Y. Snowflake Winter Wonderland Hanging Décor

These amazing DIY decorations will transform any room into a winter wonderland!

DIY_Winter Wonderland_Hanging Decor_Lifestyle

Click here to get the kit! All the decorations are inside; you’ll just need a rubber band and some tape to put them up.

First, cut some pieces of tulle to the proper length – measure the length of the area on the ceiling that the decoration should cover and double it. Keep in mind that it’s better to err on the side of longer instead of shorter, since a little bit of slack is desired anyway. Fold the cut tulle piece in half, and do this again for as many pieces as you like.

With a rubber band, secure all the midpoints of the tulle pieces together in a big bunch. This will be the center of the whole decoration. Tape each free end of tulle to the ceiling, draped outwards from the center and towards the edges of the room.

Repeat the same draping effect with crepe paper. Give the crepe a few twists before you secure it, to get a ribbon-like effect. Finish off by using curling ribbon to attach tissue paper fluffy decorations and balloons in the center of the decoration.


D.I.Y. Snowflake Winter Wonderland Table Décor

Prepare a wintry centerpiece with matching place settings that will blow your child away!

DIY_Winter Wonderland_Table Decor_Lifestyle (1)

Click here to get the starter kit! Supplies for both the DIY centerpiece and cutlery are inside.


DIY_Winter Wonderland_table decor_close up

You’ll need a few household items for this craft: a glass jar, some wooden dowels or similar sticks, and some glittery spray paint.

First, fill an empty glass jar to the top with blue Sixlets, or your child’s favorite candy. Snowflake stickers can be used to decorate the outside of the jar, too. Then, attach more stickers or larger faux snowflake decorations (not include in kit) to the dowels with bows of curling ribbon.

Create a numeral to display your child’s birthday year out of thick cardboard or chipboard, or purchase a readymade wooden numeral decoration. Decorate it with glitter paint, and attach it to a dowel to place in the jar.

Table Settings

DIY_Winter Wonderland_table decor_close up (1)

Unfold a paper napkin so that it’s arranged in a diamond shape in front of you. Place plastic silverware on the napkin and fold the corners inwards towards the middle.

Add a sparkling silver magic wand to the bundle and hold everything together with some snowflake stickers.


D.I.Y. Snowflake Winter Wonderland Party Favors

Dressing up can always make a birthday party more fun, and these two easy-to-make items make great party favors, too! Here’s how to make this cute DIY tutu and necklace combo:

DIY_Winter Wonderland_Tutu Necklace_Lifestyle

Click here for the starter kit! All the basics are included, but you will need a bit of elastic from the craft store to make the tutu.

Snowflake Tutu

DIY_Winter Wonderland_tutu_close up

First, measure out and cut a piece of your elastic that’s a little less than the child’s waist size – it needs to be just slightly smaller so that the elastic will stretch and hold the tutu in place. Knot the elastic into a circle to form a waistband.

Next, cut 22 20-inch pieces each of the light blue and dark blue tulle fabric. Each roll of tulle measures 25 yards long, which means the kit includes enough for two tutus. With each tulle piece, gather up one of the shorter ends and knot it onto the elastic. Once all the tulle has been added, decorate with glitter or faux snowflakes (not included in kit).

Gumball Necklace

DIY_Winter Wonderland_necklace_close up

To make the candy gumball necklaces, you’re going to need a thumbtack or pushpin, as well as some sort of sturdy needle with a large eye – like a tapestry needle, darning needle, or doll needle. Start out by counting out the number of gumballs for each necklace. We used nine blue shimmer gumballs, but you can use whatever you think looks good.

Use the tack to poke some starting holes on opposite sides of each gumball, then use your large needle to push completely through the candy, creating a larger hole. Working the needle around slightly may help to make a cleaner looking hole that will also be easier to thread.

Finally, use the needle to thread a length of curling ribbon through the gumballs (approximately 24-inch pieces of ribbon work well). Knot the ends of ribbon to finish these sweet DIY party favors!

Simple Ways to Style Party Supplies

The amazing snowflake designs featured on these plates and napkins are so easy to build off of. For example, we layered them together with a few solid color party supplies and some glimmering, glittering silver chargers for a sparkly effect.


If you really want to create a special party atmosphere, though, there’s a personalized version of this theme, too! Design your own party supplies by uploading a photo and adding a custom message – all the magic happens right on the page, and then you’re right back to shopping.

To learn even more about our brand new personalized party supplies, read this post!


Icy blue ombré tones on a paper party cup are perfect for a refreshing icy drink. Complete the look with a fancy blue striped straw.


To make an easy and elegant place setting that goes above and beyond paper party supplies, all you need is some ordinary curling ribbon.

We used a few short lengths of light blue and white for this party theme. Use the ribbon to tie together some pieces of plastic silverware, and use a pair of scissors to curl the ends, just as if you were wrapping a gift. A crystalline stick of rock candy looks perfect as part of the bundle, too!


Speaking of sweets, plain silver foil cupcake wrappers can go a long way towards giving your desserts tables a fun and wintry feel – they catch the light and reflect onto the snowflake plates really well! As for the cupcakes themselves, a big swirl of blue frosting with a generous sprinkling of blue decorating sugar turns your child’s favorite flavor into a beautiful, icy treat (we’ll take chocolate, please).


Try topping your cupcakes with a blue birthday candle and a single white snowflake for the perfect amount of extra, added flair. Our frozen princess definitely enjoyed them!

Dress-up and Costume Ideas


Accessories like her princess tiara and royal ring aren’t just a part of the costume either – you can also use them as additional decoration on the table and at place settings. They make great party favors too. By handing out tiaras to all, every guest can be treated like a princess! Take it from us: it’s literally impossible for a princess birthday party to ever have too much sparkle.

Other princess party favor ideas include purple royal goblets, Disney jewelry kits, and more. Click here to learn more about birthday party favor ideas for kids, and click here to shop the entire selection of party favors on Birthday Express.


The winter princess costume will make any birthday girl feel like a real ice queen. With its sheer, faux fur lined hood and flowing gown, the snowy effect is incredible. Click here for more girls’ costume and dress up ideas.


This snowflake play trunk is the perfect complement to these costumes. As much as all of these play trunk designs are fun and fantastical way to store costumes, they’re great for presenting a treasure trove of birthday gifts, too! They can be the perfect finishing touch to any princess’ birthday party, and they also make perfect additions to the playroom afterwards.


Will you be bringing snowflake party supplies to your child’s winter birthday celebration? What was your favorite kind of birthday party when you were a kid? What kind of party ideas and party themes should we come up with next? If you liked this post and want to see more like it, then let us know! Follow us on Facebook and Twitter @BirthdayExpress to share your thoughts and your party pics. Remember to check us out on Pinterest, too, because we’re constantly adding new sources of party ideas and inspiration there as well.


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