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The story of Cinderella has captivated audiences for generations. A lot of people think that Walt Disney came up with the story himself, because of the popularity of his animated film from 1950, but did you know that the story comes from a European folktale that dates back at least to the 1500s? It’s true! The tale first appeared in the pages of a book in 1634, and a French novelist named Charles Perrault penned the most popular version of the story in 1697.  Perrault was actually the first to add in the pumpkin coach, the Fairy Godmother, and the glass slipper! At this point, it seems like you couldn’t have the Cinderella story without these detals, but people were sitting around the fire telling this folktale for a hundred years without those seemingly all-important plot points.  Perrault’s story is the one that Disney adapted for his famous animated film 65 years ago, keeping Perrault’s pumpkin coach, his Fairy Godmother and his glass slipper. To be fair, Walt Disney did come up with the talking seamstress mice all by himself.

Now there’s a brand new Disney live action Cinderella movie coming out this month, and like other versions of the tale, it’s sure to be a huge hit! With the popularity of Cinderella reaching an all-time high, chances are your little princess might want a Cinderella themed birthday party this year.  And at Birthday Express, we have everything you need to put together a Birthday Ball that’s fit for royalty.

Cinderella Party Supplies and Tableware

Cinderella LS_closeups (7)

Every party needs a table that looks divine, especially if it’s a party for a princess.

Start with a beautiful tablecover, and top it with cups and two different kinds of plates. Mix and match to your hearts content, adding in solid color supplies to stretch your party planning dollar. Or if you want us to build the party for you, try our complete Cinderella Party in a Box. No matter your budget, we have Value Packs that will get you everything you need with just one click!

Cinderella Napkins

To hold our forks and spoons, we folded these napkins into a little pouch, secured them with a piece of scotch tape, and added a little tulle to make them a bit more princess-y.

Cinderella Goblets

For our party’s royal guests, we did something a little special: We decided to use these purple goblets, then added what we’re calling a “Magic Wand Straw.”  We traced stars on a glittery placemat using a cookie cutter as a template, cut them out, and simply attached them to a common paper drinking straw using scotch tape.  Easy as pie! Sometimes, though, it’s the little touches that can really make a party pop.

As far as favors go, we have almost anything you could ask for: stickers, rings, treat bags for candy, even temporary tattoos! And if you don’t feel like sorting through all the options yourself, we sell value packs and pre-filled favor boxes, too.

Cinderella Decorations

You can start your Cinderella Party décor with our table decorating kit, which includes a colorful fringed centerpiece. Add some Cinderella confetti to the table top to finish the look. If you’re so inclined, hang some Cinderella swirl decorations over the party to give your decorations some serious verticality!

Cinderella_balloon bouquet

What’s a birthday party without balloons? Well, if you’re looking for something beyond the usual, check out our Cinderella balloon bouquet, a Pumpkin Carriage-shaped jumbo foil balloon, or this amazing 4 foot high Giant Cinderella Balloon.

Now, to turn any living room into a palace that any Prince Charming would be proud to call home, try this gorgeous scene setter. How about combining a decoration with a fun party activity?  We have a fun “Pin the Glass Slipper” game, or two different designs of piñatas! Or if you’d like, you can combine a decoration with a birthday gift, and get these beautiful giant peel and stick Cinderella wall decals. They’re totally re-usable, so after the birthday festivities, your little princess can put them up in her bedroom!

Speaking of re-usability, if you want to give your daughter’s birthday a special personal touch for years to come, get one of our personalized birthday banners.  These banners are rendered in gorgeous bright and vibrant HD on heavy-duty super durable vinyl, using your choice of font and color, and they come in three sizes. The largest is almost 9 feet long! You can even get one personalized with a photo of your little princess.

Cinderella Party Food Ideas

If you want to forgo the standard party fare, or if you’re just looking for a couple new ideas for this year’s birthday, check these out.

Cinderella Magic Wand Cake Pops

For our Cake Pop Wands, start by going to your local grocery store’s bakery section for a package of glazed cake donut holes. You could also go to the nearest donut shop. Often times donut holes are sold in various flavors, like cookies n’ cream or red velvet. (Pick up an extra dozen for us while you’re there; they sound delicious!) Then after you’ve got the donut holes, head to the baking section of your local craft store. Grab a couple packages of candy melts, which are available in a variety of colors and flavors. We used light blue to match Cinderella’s dress, but if your little princess prefers pink or purple, go for those colors.  We also picked up some star-shaped sprinkles as a finishing touch.  Follow the directions to melt your candy, either in the microwave or on the stovetop, and dip the donut holes in the delicious melty goodness. Dust them with the star sprinkles, and insert a magic wand into the center.  If you don’t happen to have magic wands laying around the house, we’ve got you covered. Now just let the melted candy cool and harden and Voila! Instant cake pop wands!  And, as an added bonus, this is something that the birthday girl might enjoy helping with, if you’re looking for a fun pre-party project.

Cinderella Crown Sandwiches

Now if you want something a little healthier than candy-coated donuts on a stick, but still tasty and tons of fun, try this out. Just make a loaf’s worth of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and use a cookie cutter to cut out some royally delicious shapes.  We used a crown, but we’ve also got a castle and a glass slipper for you to try in our Princess Cookie Cutter set.  Don’t stop at PB & J, either! Try Nutella and honey, or ham and cheese, or orange marmalade! The possibilities are as limitless as your imagination. Well, to be honest, the possibilities are actually as limitless as the contents of your fridge.

Cinderella Costumes and Dress-Up

If your little princess wants to feel extra princess-y on her special day, why not try a costume?

Cinderella Costume


The cutie in our photos here is dressed up and looking her best in our Storybook Cinderella Prestige costume, but we have others, inspired by both the classic animated movie, and the new live action film. Plus, we have all kinds of accessories, from wigs to wands to formal elbow gloves to tiaras aplenty. We’ve even got glass slippers!

We don’t want little brother or dad to feel left out, so if they’re in the mood for fun, they can both be Prince Charming! And maybe baby sister is a princess-in-training? She can dress up too!

She may be years away from meeting her Prince Charming in real life, but that’s no reason she can’t feel like a princess this year, if only for one special day!


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