Birthday Banners

A “Happy Birthday” Banner has been a centerpiece of party decorations for years.Sesame Street

They’re bright and colorful, sometimes featuring beloved characters from favorite movies or television shows, and can match the theme of the party perfectly. Plus, the banner serves as a point of pride for the birthday boy or girl. It is something that really makes them feel like it’s their special day, a celebration just for them.

Here is a message we received from a one of our customers, Allison:

“My daughter, Alex, was born in 1995, around the time Birthday Express was also born.  For her first birthday in 1996, I purchased a banner from Birthday Express.

For 20 years, that banner has proudly been on display at Alex’s parties.  In fact, I think I have taken her photo in front of it most, if not all, years.

When she turned 20 last week, I told everyone at the party how long the banner had been with us and they were all surprised that it has lasted so long and that I still keep up with the tradition of hanging it every year.


I thought you might enjoy seeing the latest photo yourself!  Thanks for all the great work you do and fun products you create!”

No, Allison.  Thank you.  We’re happy we’ve been a part of so many of your daughter’s birthdays!

And much like Alex, our birthday banners have come a long way in the last 20 years. We’ve added fresh, new banner designs, along with great new personalization options.

Giant Montage 1

And this is just a fraction of the huge assortment of different banner designs and themes we have available.

Plus, they come in three different sizes!

Banner Sizes


And they’re made out of heavy duty, super durable, PVC-coated vinyl, so you can use your banner year after year, or keep it as a special memento of your celebration.

With 3/8″ brass nickel-plated grommets in each corner, hanging the banner is a breeze, either indoors or out, and tearing is virtually impossible.

Go ahead and Hulk out on this thing if you want; it can take some real punishment and live to tell the tale!

They’re printed with waterproof ink, so they won’t be ruined by rain, water balloon fights, or splashes from the pool.

And they’re all printed to order onsite in our own facility, with whatever message you choose!

Personal Message Montage

We have a huge selection of banners that allow you to upload a photo of your child to show off their smiling face on their special day!

POD Montage

These banners can really tie the whole room together when throwing a party.

Firefigher_POD LS

They fit in great with any theme, and they can be a perfect focal point for your entire decorating plan.


Watch your child’s face light up when they walk into their party and see a Happy Birthday banner that was made just for them!

And, now through Aug 31st, when you spend $75 at, you can get one of these amazing Happy Birthday Banners for only 10 dollars!

Who knows? Maybe you’ll be hanging it up at your child’s birthday parties for the next 20 years.

Click here for our full selection of personalized Happy Birthday Banners!

Did we inspire you to include a Happy Birthday Banner in your decorations this year?
(or maybe for the next 20 years!)
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