Woodland Gnome Birthday

Step into an enchanted forest with our Woodland Gnome party theme, for which guest stylist Gianna SanFilippo of Chic Celebrations designed the decor. Gianna used a combination of fern centerpieces, mossy embellishments, and tree-trunk accents to achieve the woodsy feel of this birthday party. The outcome is a magical and mysterious theme that’s easy to recreate.

Woodland Gnome

Red accents mix beautifully with the rustic browns and greens of the main color scheme. Oversized Woodland Gnome wall decals turn plain walls into a charming backdrop —in minutes! Red and white paper honeycomb balls were strung like a chandelier over the dining table to create a cheerfulness that’s perfect for a child’s big day.

Party Decorations


Flower arrangements from a florist minimize decorating time and take on the party theme with the addition of diminutive gnomes. Toy animal tops and river rocks contribute to the effect, and a runner made of moss pulls the entire table together.

Woodland Gnome dessert plates framed with classic red dinner plates get a rustic touch courtesy of round wooden chargers. Solid brown cups take on a toadstool effect when topped with polka dot cupcake wrappers and add to the whimsy of the scene. White utensils wrapped in red napkins and tied with twine are the perfect accompaniment.


An alternative to the table setting above is to simply replace the layered plates with Woodland Gnome dinner plates for a streamlined look.


Striped straws make sipping easy.

Menus and Recipes


A decorative food table covered with lots of goodies gets a lift from rustic risers and platters. Gianna topped a white linen tablecloth with a polka dot runner, then added mossy accents and theme-based touches that transformed our easy three-step menu into a visual (and literal) feast of color and texture.

Cake + Ice Cream + Drink


Drinks and dessert are all you’re obligated to serve if your fete doesn’t fall during a meal hour. Adorable Owl Cupcakes are easy to put together with store-bought cakes and cookies, and Gnome Ice Cream Cups turn scoops of vanilla into a special treat. Chocolate milk goes down easy in jars tied with ribbon, rimmed with sprinkles, and accented with “toadstool” straws topped with singed jumbo marshmallows.

+ Meal


If your party falls during mealtime, simply add our meal option. Decorative sandwiches are a cinch to make using a tree-shaped cookie cutter, and fruit salad adopts a woodsy feel when placed in a rustic serving bowl.

+ Snacks


Round out the full menu (or add weight to drinks and dessert) with store-bought treats that are presented so well they could pass for decor!

  • Make “toadstools” by arranging cocoa-dusted meringue cookies with mini-marshmallow “mushroom stems” on a wooden tray with mini cinnamon rolls
  • Serve pretzel sticks in a rustic, wooden serving bowl labeled “Twigs”
  • Dip apple sections into nutty peanut butter and arrange in cupcake wrappers on a tiered cake plate labeled “Squirrel Snacks”




Keeping kids entertained is key to a fun-filled birthday party. Gianna’s suggestions for games and activities are simple to set up and tie right into the Woodland Gnome theme.

Toadstool Ring Toss


A swatch of faux sod, Woodland Gnome centerpieces, and wooden rings are all you need for a fun game of ring toss! Line kids up, give each four tosses, and award the winner with a prize.

“Become a Gnome” Station


Guests will get a kick out of dressing up as gnomes! Set out costumes, red party hats, paper beards cut from construction paper, and Woodland Gnome temporary tattoos and sticker sheets, and let kids create their own elfish looks!



Gnome Photo Fun


A Woodland Gnome stand-in helps ensure fabulous party photos! Snap some shots of each child and enclose or email them along with thank-you notes.



Getting creative with favor presentation contributes to your decor! Gianna took the contents of Woodland Gnome favor boxes and set them out to be collected by lucky little guests. Additional candy was also artfully arranged, and a chalkboard “Gnome Sweet Gnome” sign set against a backdrop of wall decals completed the favor-buffet tableau.

The visual appeal of cherry gumballs is shown to advantage in a clear container set on a tree-stump riser, while unicorn pops get a leg up thanks to a stand of moss-covered Styrofoam.


Bulkier items such as blowouts and whirly pops can be gathered in empty favor boxes.




Scoops of Sixlets candy and smaller favors can slip right into cellophane bags.



If a favor buffet seems like too much of an undertaking, just gather sports bottles and pre-filled favor boxes in decorative baskets for guests to take home as-is.



Add an extra special touch to our Woodland Gnome invitations by adding a Woodland Gnome sticker with brown ribbon detail.

View the entire line of Woodland Gnome products by clicking here.



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