Top Picks: Adventure
Birthday Parties!

Is someone’s special day coming up soon? Celebrate in style with Birthday Express! This week’s top and trending birthday party themes will have you and your child going on the adventure of a lifetime! Keep reading to learn more.

Safari Animal Adventure Birthday Party Theme


As we mentioned last week, animals always make for an amazing birthday theme, and Safari Animal Adventure brings all the fun of a trip to the zoo right into your living room! These party supplies were created by our amazing in-house design team, exclusively for Birthday Express – you won’t find them anywhere else.


These plates, napkins, and cups come covered in just about every animal print on the savanna. Giraffe spots, zebra stripes, and leopard splotches all combine to build the perfect safari atmosphere! A simple piece of burlap from the fabric store becomes the world’s easiest table cover, and it fits the look of these party supplies wonderfully.


Adding special extras into your party décor, like a real safari net or fun pith helmet, makes your party look even more interesting. The kids are also sure to have a great time dressing up with the helmet and toy binoculars, just like a group of real adventurers!


Other great party favor ideas for this theme include cheetah plushies and animal lollipops. Get all of these and more included in a pre-filled favor box, or fill some empty favor boxes with your own favorites, like animal print masks.

Hot Air Balloon Party Theme


This birthday party theme is all about adventure, too, but of a different sort. Instead of staying on the ground, fly high with your little one on a hot air balloon ride! Plus, just like Safari Animal Adventure, this is an exclusive theme just for Birthday Express.


The bright colors and pastel tones of these party supplies are great for children of any age, but especially for younger kids. There’s even a special 1st birthday party package for those celebrating their special day for the first time.

Hot Air Balloon 7

One thing that makes this birthday party theme so special is this cardboard hot air balloon prop. Once everything is folded into place, your child will be ready to see the world! Helium balloon bouquets tied around the edge of the “basket” add a fun level of realism. Have your camera ready!

Click here to learn more about party ideas for this theme!

Caillou Birthday Party Theme


Caillou is one of the most popular children’s cartoon characters, and he loves to explore and discover new things. Caillou party supplies are every bit as popular, too! Our party packs contain all the essentials, but it’s also easy to accessorize this party to match your child’s individual taste – just add favorite colors of balloons, crepe paper, and other decorations!


Classic cone party hats will never go out of style for birthdays, but trucker hats are lots of fun too.  Both are easy to fold into shape, and each child can choose their favorite version. The guest of honor will also love wearing his own Caillou T-shirt.


No set of party decorations is complete without a piñata. This Caillou pull-string piñata is great for smaller kids, because there’s no stick required – everyone takes turns pulling ribbons, until the candy is released! Traditional piñatas, complete with filler, are also available.

So, what do you think of our featured birthday party themes this week? What was your favorite birthday when you were a kid? What kind of party should we design next? Let us know your thoughts and share your party pics with us on Facebook and Twitter @Birthday Express! Check out our Pinterest boards too, for even more party inspiration.

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