Tonka Trucks Party

Almost every little boy plays with toy trucks at some point in his childhood, and some kids just can’t get enough of “driving” them around on the carpet and then up to the mountain top. And by “mountain top” we mean “couch.” Plus, there’s just something about making those motor sounds that fulfills some primal urge. What did little boys play with before toy trucks were invented? Did they play with toy stagecoaches? And instead of those motor sounds, did they make the “clip clop” sound of the horses hooves?  Maybe it’s just us, but that doesn’t seem like it would be nearly as much fun.

If your little guy is crazy for trucks, he’s likely got a toy box full of Tonka. They’re the most popular kind of toy trucks, and even at age three, some future truckers will accept no substitute. Well you’re in luck, because BirthdayExpress has everything you need to throw a perfect Tonka Trucks Party.

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If you want to really deck out your party in all things Tonka, check out our many Party in a Box options. You choose the size of your party, either 8 or 16 guests, then pick your package: Basic, Deluxe, or ULTIMATE!

Party Pack

Or if you’re looking for a one click option, get everything you see above in our Tonka Express Value Party Pack!

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For á la carte shopping, we have plates, cups, napkins, paper cone party hats – all perfectly matched to the theme.



Add a great extra touch with a themed print tablecover or a DIY cutlery packet that couldn’t be easier. Just fold the napkin in thirds, and attach yellow plastic silverware with blue curling ribbon. We added a little yellow label reading “Tools”, because what are forks and spoons, really, if not tools for shoveling cake and ice cream into our mouths?

And speaking of tools …

Dessert Table

Our backdrop is set up to look like a tool bench, with a peg board from the hardware store, toy tools, and yellow hard hats, labeled with the names of our party guests.

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The homemade pom pom banner adds color, but you could also choose to use a more traditional articulated Happy Birthday banner.

We also used some removable construction decals — featuring vehicles and street signs — to add a little something extra to our decoration scheme.

Construction CutOuts construction-7-traffic-signs-bx-41331


Swirl Decorations

This Tonka ceiling swirl decoration kit adds some serious verticality to your decor.

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You can’t have a party without balloons, and we’ve got you covered on that front, too. Whether it’s this square foil balloon, or this amazing jumbo Tonka dumptruck balloon, you can get the perfect balloons for your child’s party. There’s even an awesome balloon bouquet!

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Our food table is full of construction themed treats and snacks.

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Our two layer cake is wrapped with construction zone ribbon, dusted with candy gravel, and topped off with a mini toy dumptruck.

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These chocolate cupcakes are topped with super cute traffic cone candles, and nestled in a sky blue polka dot wrapper.

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These “boulders” are just simple store-bought donut holes. Simply delicious!

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These fantastic Traffic Cone Rice Krispy treats perfectly match the theme, and they’re totally tasty too! Just add some orange food coloring to the mix before baking and you’re good to go!

Favor Collage

When the party’s over, and it’s time for all the little truckers to go home, send them home happy with a sack full of fun favors and treats.


Kids love temporary tattoos, especially if they feature awesome Tonka trucks and vehicles! These make great party favors.

Bulldozer Photo Prop

And as a final touch, check out this truly awesome cardboard cutout photo prop stand in. Have your guests pose for pictures, then send them with your thank you notes as souvenirs of what will no doubt be remembered as one of the best parties of the year!

Click here to see all of the Tonka trucks party supplies available at BirthdayExpress!

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