How to Throw the Best Pirate Birthday Party Ever

Look sharp, me hearties – thar’ be a birthday party over the horizon! Pirate birthday parties are always one of the most popular birthday themes for kids, and we love them just as much. That’s why Birthday Express has so many pirate themes available, from Jake and the Never Land Pirates party supplies to pretty and pink pirate party supplies for girls.

We mentioned previously that International Talk Like a Pirate Day is right around corner, so today we’re talking about our absolute favorite ways that you can throw a pirate party for your child.

Play “Pin the X on the Treasure Map.”


Here’s a cute pirate-themed take on a classic birthday party game. Tape a huge treasure map decoration to the wall, and see which child can place their marker closest to the X! You can make your own DIY X-markers from different colors of paper, or let each guest use some pirate stickers to mark their spot.

Play a homemade pirate hook ring toss game.

Credit: Apple & Hubby

Credit: Apple & Hubby

Let each party guest show off their best “hook shot”! Use hot glue to attach a few children’s costume pirate hooks to a piece of painted cardboard or foam board. Rings can be store bought, or stenciled and cut from foam board as well. Try to land them on the hooks – adjust the difficulty for kids of different ages by having them stand closer or further away. You can even try it blindfolded for a real challenge!

Hunt for buried treasure.

Pirate products available from BirthdayExpress.con and
Here’s another fun and easy party game that the kids will love. Add some sand to metal buckets or a large inflatable treasure chest. Bury a bunch of pirate party favors like gold coins and faux jewelry inside – who will be able to dig up the most treasure the fastest? The winner can take home a special party favor package!

Create some Jell-O pirate ships.

Credit: Foodwhine, via Pinterest

Credit: Foodwhine, via Pinterest

These pirate snacks looks just like tiny pirate ships! To make, simply let some blue-colored gelatin set in clear plastic cups. Use some sliced orange wedges as the ships themselves, and attach Jolly Roger paper pirate flags with toothpicks!

Serve up some pirate cookies!

Credit: Sugar Mama

Credit: Sugar Mama

Every birthday party needs special sweets, and these Jake and the Never Land Pirates cookies from Sugar Mama Cookies are absolutely adorable! Visit their website to get your own batch baked to order.

Send the best invitations ever.


No need to send messages in bottles to get the word out about the party! Evite has tons of free invitation designs that you can choose from to get the perfect look. Send invitations online or through the mail – they look great either way.

Are you the proud parent of a piratic fanatic? Did you love pirate parties when you were a kid, too? What kind of party themes should we come up with next? If you liked this list of birthday party tips and want to see more like it, let us know! Share your thoughts with us on Facebook and on Twitter @BirthdayExpress. Be sure to check out our Pinterest boards, too, where we’re always adding new sources of birthday party ideas and inspiration.


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