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The exciting adventures in the Star Wars saga have entertained children of all ages for almost forty years! There’s a brand new chapter, The Force Awakens, opening in theaters this December, but if that’s just too long to wait, there’s always Star Wars Rebels on the Disney Channel.  Set in the years between Episode III and Episode IV, it follows the crew of the starship Ghost, as they lead a battalion of the Rebellion against the evil Empire, commanded by a very familiar enemy–Darth Vader!


There’s a brand new group of Rebels, a fantastic cast of characters, led by street-smart kid Ezra and the cowboy Jedi Kanan.  But there’s also strong female characters, too, like Hera the ace pilot, and Sabine the explosives expert. And for comic relief, there’s Zeb, the wisecracking muscle of the group, and Chopper, the grumpy Astromech droid, who’s as cantankerous as R2-D2 is lively.

Star Wars Rebels: “Property of Ezra Bridger” Short on Disney Video

Think of Ezra as like Aladdin crossed with Bart Simpson but in a galaxy far, far away.

Kanan is basically Han Solo trained as a Jedi, and Hera is Leia, only not so Princessy.

Star Wars Rebels: “The Machine in the Ghost” Short on Disney Video

Sabine is a skilled fighter and a talented artist. Plus, she’s a Mandalorian, so she might be related to Boba Fett. Bonus.

Star Wars Rebels: “Entanglement” Short on Disney Video

Finally, there’s Zeb Orellios. An honor guard on his home planet, his wry sense of humor and his love of fighting Stormtroopers make him a fan favorite.


It’s easy to see why Star Wars Rebels is fast becoming a huge hit with a brand new generation of Star Wars fans.  If your little one is among them, read on to see how throw a fantastic Rebels party for their birthday this year. A party that’s out of this world!

Star Wars Rebels LS (1)

You can put together a great party table with our themed plates, cups and napkins.



Get everything you see above in our Express Value Party Pack, enough for eight people for under $15! Or go all out with a Rebels Complete Party in a Box!

Add a special DIY touch with these Lightsaber napkin rolls!

Star Wars Rebels LS (6)

We used this image we found online, printed it out on heavy semi-metallic cardstock, wrapped it around a green napkin, and secured with tape. So easy!


For a little extra flair, consider using this awesome Star Wars Rebels tablecover!


If you’re of the opinion that you just can’t have a party without balloons, congratulations, you are correct, and also congratulations, you can get this super cool Star Wars Rebels balloon bouquet!


Add some verticality to your party decorations with this swirl ceiling decorating kit. And if you really want to go the extra mile, check this out!

Decals and Ezra Standup

We have an awesome decoration combo kit that includes an awesome, fully-removable wall decal, as well as a 5 foot cardboard stand-up of Ezra Bridger.

Kanan and Sabine Standups

We also have other awesome cardboard stand-ups featuring Kanan the Jedi and Sabine the Mandalorian.


This Rebels cake topper features The Ghost starship, as well as an image of some of her crew. And if you’re looking for other ideas for party snacks, consider these recipes.

Star Wars Rebels LS

Galactically delicious!

This simple chocolate cake is topped by a re-purposed Rebels frisbee, which you can find as part of this favor pack.

Star Wars Rebels LS (10)

If you’d rather go with cupcakes instead, might we suggest this fun kit? These toppers double as little rings that you can use as favors.


We love finding creative ways of using items that they might not have been originally intended for.  The same cupcake wrappers from above have been utilized as caramel corn cups below.

Star Wars Rebels LS (11)

Try adding brightly colored candies to your buffet and really make your table pop! Here, we’ve used red gumballs.

Star Wars Rebels LS (8)

These Galaxy cookies are just store-bought chocolate chip with swirls of frosting and star shaped sprinkles.

Star Wars Rebels LS (4)

These cheese sandwiches are cut out with a star-shaped cookie cutter.

When the party’s over, and it’s time to send the guests home happy, we have Rebels treat bags and a huge selection of Rebels party favors.

Favor Collage

But if you want your guests to be ecstatic about their party favor, or if you’re looking for a perfect gift for your little Jedi, check out our amazing toy Lightsabers!

Lightsaber Collage

From top to bottom, these Lightsabers belong to the padawan Ezra, the evil Inquisitor, and the cowboy Jedi Kanan.  Whether your Jedi-in-training chooses the Light Side or the Dark Side, he or she can have a weapon to match!

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