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Hi all! My name is Kate and I blog about the highlights of this journey called life over at Highlights Along the Way! I am thrilled to be a guest blogger here today to share my son’s Star Wars themed birthday party! This is actually the third year in a row my son enjoyed a Star Wars theme. This year we combined original Star Wars products as well as products from the much anticipated film The Force Awakens. We used black, silver, white, and red accent colors in addition to tons of Star Wars licensed products. All of the products seen here are available from Birthday Express. I think combining themes makes parties extra fun! Here are some photos from our Star Wars themed birthday party!


Star Wars is a favorite in our family and many other families. Boys, girls, and adults have grown up with the original Star Wars Trilogy and now have enjoyed prequels and break off shows like Star Wars Rebels. I don’t think any movie has been as eagerly anticipated as Star Wars The Force Awakens. My son simply could not decide between original (with Darth Vader and Yoda) or The Force Awakens (have you seen BB-8?! he is so cute!) so we decided to do both! We found that Birthday Express had items that worked together well for our Star Wars theme.


A highlight to our party decor (and also a party favor) was the Star Wars life sized Stand Ups! We had Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Yoda, and BB-8 life-sized stand ups. They were great for decor but we also took pictures with our guests with however many characters they wanted to meet.


Photos of the kids were printed out on our home computer and given as a favor along with their thank you cards.


So easy! To pump up the fun of our little photo op area we used a Hollywood starry night back drop, red, black, and white streamers, and Star Wars photo props. Yoda and Darth Vader were by far the favorites, but all made for laughs and fun!


There are several Star Wars balloons to choose from and we wanted them all! We decided to go with the Express Value Star Wars The Force Awakes Balloon Bouquet, and also a HUGE Chewbacca balloon. A great way to add to the Star Wars theme and stretch your budget is to also get the Star Wars 7 The Force Awakens balloons in red and blue. If you are going to get several balloons, I highly suggest a disposable helium tank, since this will save time and money.


In addition to awesome balloons and stand ups we found so many other fun Star Wars decorations for our party with Birthday Express! Star Wars The Force Awakens Honeycomb Decorations, Star Wars table decor, and also Star Wars Confetti. In addition to these Star Wars licensed items, we made our party even more spectacular with black pinwheels and and more star confetti.


The Darth Vader Candy Bowl was my son’s favorite item that we unboxed in preparation for his party. It is sturdy, comical, and unexpected. We love that it is not a one time decoration. We used this candy bowl as decoration for the party, again for Halloween, and now it is awesome room decor! We filled it with red, black, and silver gumballs — perfect for a Star Wars party! Don’t forget Rock Candy Sticks! These were so fun and the kids all pretended they were light sabers!


Star Wars The Force Awakes Plates, cups, and napkins were a hit! At Star Wars parties serve guests treats like “Obi Wan Kabobbies,” “Dark Side Chips,” “7 Leia Dip” and more!


The BB-8 Pull String Pinata is sure to be a popular party feature with The Force Awakens, but classic Star Wars fans can also check out this Darth Vader Pinata kit. Birthday Express makes it easy by offering pinata fillers with toys and candy.


Darth Vader Candy Buckets and The Force Awakens Favor Buckets were awesome party favors and worked great for collecting candy and treats from the pinata.


We included BB-8 Erasers and Star Wars Tattoos in each favor bucket. Our guests also filled up with treats from our pinata and everyone took a rock candy stick home too.


Birthday Express offers an Express Value Star Wars the Force Awakens filled favor box for just under $5. That’s a great value!

These are just a few highlights of the amazing Star Wars themed birthday party options available on Birthday Express. Remember, Express Value packages on balloons, favors, and parties in a box are going to save you money and make planning a snap. Adding in simple extras like red, white, and black streamers and embellishments really enhances the theme. May the Force be with you while planning your next birthday party!

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