Star Wars Cake Ideas: BB-8

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is just around the corner, and one thing’s for sure, it’s going to be HUGE.  Not only are there approximately six million new toys and accessories for sale, it’s sure to be an incredibly popular birthday theme for the forseeable future. So if you want your child’s Star Wars party to stand out from the rest, you’re going to need something extra special.  Luckily, our friends at have a great idea. Might we suggest this awesome Force Awakens cake featuring everyone’s favorite new droid, BB-8!

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Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 3 – 8” Round Cakes
  • 3 Cups White Icing
  • Star Wars: The Force Awakens DecoSet ® Cake Topper
  • Sunset Premium Orange Gel Color
  • Neon Orange Premium Gel Color
  • Golden Yellow Premium Gel Color
  • Lemon Yellow Premium Gel Color
  • Burgundy Wine Premium Gel Color
  • Whitener Premium Gel Color
  • Premium Buttercream Fondant, White
  • Piping Decorating Tip #8
  • Coupler
  • 18” Disposable Pastry Bag
  • Non-Stick Roller
  • Round Edge Fondant Smoother
  • Fondant Silicone Mat
  • Vodka (or Vegetable Oil and Sugar Syrup – we’ll explain in Step 2)
  • 7-Jars or Glasses
  • Paintbrush
  • 10” Round Cake Board

Step 1


Place a three layer 8” round cake on a 10” round cake board.

Stack the remaining two 8” round cakes using white icing in between each.

Crumb coat the cake and cover in white fondant.

Step 2



Using three parts vodka to one part premium gel color, mix in separate containers; sunset orange, neon orange, golden yellow, lemon yellow, burgundy wine, and whitener. Be sure to carefully pour color into vodka from sides of the bowl, otherwise it will curdle.

Mixing color with vodka will give your cake a watercolor paint look. Now we know you might be concerned, using vodka as an ingredient in a child’s birthday cake, but we can assure you, almost all of the alcohol will evaporate long before the birthday boy or girl takes a bite.

However, if you’re still uncomfortable, you can use a mixture of equal parts sugar syrup and vegetable oil in place of the vodka.  It won’t give the same exact watercolor effect on the cake, however.

Step 3


Beginning with any color, use a paintbrush and begin streaking color upwards in a diagonal motion.

Step 4


Continue adding color in any order as high up the sides of the cake as you desire, blending the colors as you go. Add a second coat to darken and achieve your desired look.

Tip: Be sure to clean your paintbrush between colors.

Step 5


Add a splatter to the design by adding color to a clean brush and flicking at the cake. Repeat with colors of your choosing until you are satisfied with the look. Don’t forget to clean the brush between different colors.

Clean of any color from your cake board with a damp towel.

Step 6


With Piping Decorating Tip #8, pipe a white bead border around the base of the cake.

Step 7


Adhere the Star Wars: The Force Awakens DecoSet® Cake Topper using white icing to the center top of your Star Wars cake.

Thanks to our friends at for the recipe and directions.

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