Spy Birthday Party Ideas

Zero hour approaches, Agent Mom. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to throw the most amazing birthday party for your child – and Secret Agent Party Packs from Birthday Express have everything you need to turn Mission Impossible into Mission Accomplished! All of these spy birthday party supplies are exclusive designs to Birthday Express, which means you won’t find them anywhere else.

We were lucky enough to have Jen Dixon of Craft That Party take our theme and turn the style up to 11 on Agent 007. All of her parties always look fabulous, and this one’s certainly no exception! Click here to read Jen’s full blog, or read on to see the highlights! This blog will self-destruct in ten seconds (just kidding).


The missiles are ready — prepare the lunch codes! What child won’t love their very own big red button at command central (that is, your table)? Our party plates do the trick, and our Secret Agent Tablecover makes the perfect backdrop, covered in top-secret spy gadget blueprints.

Also, boring old file folders from the office can become fun themed placemats for the party theme! Use our spy stickers or create your own version for extra top-secret authenticity.


Print out some giant fingerprint images and use them to decorate around the party, alongside our secret agent balloons and personalized banners. They look great around the entrance or by the refreshments table!


Jen came up with a great way to welcome each guest to the party – FingerScan is a free tablet app that mimics the look of a high-tech spy tool. Use it to check up on the dossiers of incoming attendees and make sure there aren’t any double agents in the group! Then, once their fingerprints are in the system, they can chow down on a chocolate-covered Oreo with fingerprinting fondant.


Every secret agent man needs a secret spy ID! These badges are an easy DIY project that anyone can put together, and each child will love wearing their own at the party! They’re also sure to love trying on different spy disguises. Secret agent masks, fake mustaches and mustache glasses are all classic – remember to take plenty of funny photos! Use them to decorate around the snack table, too.


For a real safe-cracking look, display some secret agent treat bags alongside chocolate money or faux gold coins. Confiscated passports are another way to dress up contraband confections.


Here’s the perfect party game for a secret agent birthday party: dodge the laser beams! Not only does it look just like a scene right out of a spy movie, but it’s super simple to put together. All you need is a hallway, some red yarn, and a roll of masking tape or painter’s tape. Create the maze of “lasers” by taping the yarn across the hallway, in zig-zags of varying heights and angles. Then, let each child take turns maneuvering their way through!

Who can get the furthest without triggering the alarm? Winners take home a special secret agent party favor box, complete with spy pen, decoder bookmark, and more!


So, what do think of our spy birthday party theme? What party should we design next? Let us know your thoughts on Facebook and Twitter, and check out our Pinterest boards for even more inspiration!


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