Two Kinds of Soccer Party

Baseball may be “America’s Pastime,” and football is the most popular sport when it comes to TV ratings, and basketball and hockey have their superfans as well, but the most popular sport with kids is definitely soccer! Most kids play soccer in elementary school, and for some, they never seem to outgrow it.

Here at BirthdayExpress, we have two great new Soccer themes for the birthday boy or girl who loves soccer more than anything else, including one that’s completely customizable to show off your little Premier League All-Star!

Check out a soccer party design from stylist Brittany Schwaigert, using a real soccer field!

Soccer Party

Soccer LS_no kids


We’ve got everything you need to set the table for your child’s party, with plates, cups and napkins for everybody, as well as a few extra surprises!


Soccer Party Pack

Get everything you see here in our Soccer Express Value Party Pack.

Soccer LS_close ups (6)

Here you can see these great party supplies in action, featuring this green grass printed plastic tablecover, this sports field hallway runner re-purposed into a tablerunner, and everybody’s favorite birthday fashion accessory, party cone hats!

Soccer LS_close ups (3)

Next up we’ve got a great little DIY project for you!

Soccer LS_close ups (7)

These cutlery packets are made by folding napkins into thirds, securing them with black ribbon, and adding a stick of green-apple-flavored rock candy.  To keep with the green theme, we also have watermelon!


When decorating for a party, don’t forget the essentials.

We all know every party needs balloons!

Soccer LS_close ups (8)

Check out our great Balloon Bouquet, as well as life-like foil balloons and latex balloons that perfectly match the colors of the theme.

Soccer Balloon Bouquet

If you really love circular party decorations, we’ve got great options for you:

Soccer Paper Lanterns

Hang these soccer ball paper lanterns from the ceiling and really add some serious verticality to your party decoration scheme.

Now if you’re looking for decorations that won’t deflate over time, some decor with a little more permanence, might we suggest this next item?

Soccer Decals

For the real soccer all-star in your house, check out these huge removable wall decals!  After the party is over, you can take them down from the living room and put them up in the birthday kid’s room, for them to enjoy all year long!

As you can see, we turned the living room into a soccer arena with our fantastic stadium backdrop.  They come in both lower deck and upper deck!

Soccer LS_close ups (9)

For a perfect personalized touch, consider this huge vinyl birthday banner! It comes in three sizes, and there’s another version where you can add a photo of your child!

Food & Favors

When putting together your menu and food table for the party, here are a few ideas you might consider.

Soccer LS_close ups (13)

Our food table is decked out with faux-grass placematsfoam mini-soccer balls, and a gumball chalice, using the colors of the theme.

Soccer LS_close ups (1)

These store-bought cupcakes with grassy green frosting are wrapped in these referee-striped cupcake wrappers and topped by a tiny bouncy soccer ball.

Soccer LS_close ups (4)

We transformed these traditional sports drinks by wrapping them in a layer of scrapbook paper from the craft store and a layer of this soccer ball party tape, not to mention adding one of these fun soccer ball whistles.Soccer Favor Box

We have these wonderful favor boxes with great prizes and treats for your party guests, sure to send them home happy!


Soccer LS_Kids (13)

With our Soccer Party supplies, your little guy or girl will feel like the World Cup Champion of birthdays!

Personalized Soccer Party

Soccer_POD LS

Here you can see an alternate take on how to decorate your child’s soccer party, featuring our all-new Personalized Soccer Theme.


Soccer_POD LS (15)

Our Personalized Soccer Party in a Box gives you everything you need including cups and napkins, as well as these great personalized plates that feature a photo of your little MVP.

We paired the plates with these plain green placemats, and we created little soccer goalie boxes with white tape.  These alternate cutlery packets are made in the same way as before.

Soccer_POD LS (10)

More Food & Decor Ideas

Soccer_POD LS (5)



Mini-sandwiches, vegetable cups and grapes dipped in marshmallow fluff and rolled in sprinkles — all are great ideas for yummy Soccer Party treats and snacks.  We changed up the design of our sports drinks, replacing the green soccer ball tape with little soccer players that we made with a die-cut machine.  There are literally limitless possibilities for these little projects.
Remember those green, black and white gumballs from earlier?  In this case we displayed them in a basket designed to look like blades of grass, which we got from the local craft store.  It really can be a treasure trove of amazing ideas. See what you can find at the craft store near you.

Soccer_POD LS (4)

We wrote soccer sayings on wafer cookies with purple frosting, but you could also write the guests’ names, further giving the party design a personalized touch.

Soccer_POD LS (9)

When a party relies so heavily on one primary color, it can be a good idea to use a secondary color to really make the party pop.  That can be the birthday girl’s favorite color, or any other you prefer.  We chose purple for this party because it matched the color of little Alexandria’s uniform.  The purple frosting draws the eye in that sea of green, and then we topped it off with a soccer ball ring to cement the theme.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match these two themes to create a party design that will please the entire team!

Have we inspired you to throw a soccer party that’s guaranteed to win the birthday championship?
What kind of party should we feature next?
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