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My name is Brittany Schwaigert from GreyGrey Designs, and I am one of the featured stylists for the Birthday Express ideas blog. I’ll be blogging twice a month and giving you fresh ideas on how to take your Birthday Express parties to the next level and hopefully inspiring you to DIY your next party.  I’m so excited to continue working with Birthday Express this year on some really fun, new party themes and new spins on classic ones!

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I’ve got two HUGE soccer fans in my household! My husband played soccer at the collegiate level and somehow my three year old son is already obsessed with the beautiful game! Every afternoon when my husband gets home, they are out in the yard or the driveway kicking around. So, of course it makes sense that a soccer party would be a big hit in my house. And with the popularity of soccer at an all time high with kids right now, I’ll bet it would be a big hit at your house too!

Click here to see two alternate designs for a soccer party that will give you the title of MVPP–Most Valuable Party Planner!

kids playing soccer

The beauty of this theme is that you can use it for a birthday party, but you can also use it for an end-of-year team party, for a World Cup party, or even just a playdate. Soccer is a theme that can really be a hit with kids of all ages, boys and girls!


My idea was to use a goal as a backdrop, so I set up this party at the park down the street from my house, which has two huge turf fields. A good tip is to call your local parks and recreation department to inquire about renting their fields for a party. Most cities rent their parks for parties for minimal fees and a bonus is that the kids can get outside and exercise off all that cake!

I started my party with these awesome personalized soccer plates.


How fun is it to be able to put your child’s picture on the plate? I put a recent picture of my little guy playing soccer on our plates, but you could also put your team picture, or even your favorite professional player. There are so many fun possibilities!


And, of course, I had him wear the same soccer outfit that he was wearing in the picture. You can also personalize the favor boxes, invitations, and banners this same way.

I based my design on the geometric design of a soccer ball, using lots of black and white, and hexagons and pentagons.


I found these awesome hexagon boxes at the craft store and knew they would be the perfect addition to the table.


I placed my cupcakes and these little trophies with bouncy balls on the boxes.



The cake was displayed on top of a geometric bowl that I turned upside down. Then, I simply put a store-bought cookies & cream cake on top of a white cake stand.


I dressed up the cake with some yellow gumballs and a soccer player that I cut with my die-cut machine. Easy and CUTE!

The AMAZING cookies were designed by Flourish Sweet Shop.


I adore them! So precious, and so delicious!

Cookie Montage

I’m amazed at the way Lisa made these “Goal” cookies into a banner!


What a fun spin on your normal cookie design!

For another sweet, I made a simple “yellow card” using S’more marshmallows (the flat, square ones), and some yellow candy melts.


Then, while they were wet, I added some yellow sprinkles for texture. The best part is, unlike with real yellow cards, if you give your guests one of these, they’ll actually be glad to receive it! And if you want to add some “red cards” to your buffet, just use red candy melts.

I used a simple, classic paper chains in black and white to dress up the front of the table.


Birthday Express sells these in kits so that you don’t have to worry about cutting up all the paper!


Then, I hung 12 soccer ball paper lanterns off the goal net! I love the way it looks like the balls are going into the net!


Guests were sent home with yellow water bottles, which I dressed up by adding soccer socks around them.


Then, I added a soccer whistle too.


The favor boxes are simple green stripes, and I added these soccer blow-outs on the front with some double stick tape.


They were filled with Pop Rocks, soccer pencils, soccer rings, a trophy, and more!

There are just so many things you can do with this theme.


Like adding placemats that look like grass!


Soccer season may be over, but the soccer party will never go out of style!

Special Thanks to Brittany’s Vendor:
Flourish Sweet Shop

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