Power Rangers Party

Power Rangers Dino Charge is the exciting new incarnation of the classic children’s adventure series.
You might remember the original Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers from the early ’90s.  Maybe you were even a Power Rangers devotée yourself.  But these aren’t the Power Rangers you’re familiar with. This a new generation.




According to the new story, Sixty-five million years ago, the evil bounty hunter alien Sledge chased the wise, benevolent alien Keeper across the galaxy, causing Keeper to crash land on planet Earth, where he bequeathed the powerful Ener-gems to the strongest creatures he could find–Dinosaurs! He knew that the Dinos would keep the Ener-gems safe from Sledge and his evil minions.  But just then, a meteor shower hit the planet, killing the dinosaurs.  Keeper, from an immortal alien race, survived, as did the Ener-gems–trapped in the dinosaur fossils! Fast forward to present day, when Sledge returns to find the Ener-gems, so he can take over the universe.  Luckily, the Ener-gems are discovered by adventurous teenagers Tyler, Shelby, Chase and Riley, who transform into the Power Rangers!  Also there’s Koda, a young caveman who has time-traveled to our world.  You know what, it’s a long story.  But it’s also a tremendously exciting story, one that will have your children begging for a Dino Charge birthday party.

PR_Dino Top Down Table

We have all the party supplies you need to pull off the perfect Dino Charge Power Rangers Party. Plates, napkins, cups, a tablecover–all the essentials!


PR Party Pack

Get everything you see above in our Power Rangers Dino Charge Express Value Party Pack.  Or get even more with our Party in a Box!


Power Rangers_Dino LS (10)

We added a little DIY style to our tabletop design with two supremely easy projects–a tablerunner and a napkin & cutlery holder.  As you can see, our central tablerunner matches the design on the Rangers’ uniforms.  They were made by re-purposing two of our solid color placemats.  We simply taped several black placemats down to the tablecover, end to end, and then taped down triangles cut from yellow placemats to create that distinctive zig-zag design.  For the napkin & cutlery holder, we folded the napkins around the plastic cutlery, then wrapped them in blue crepe paper streamers. We taped them in the back to secure them, then attached pieces of confetti from the Dino Charge Table Decorating Kit.

PR Table Centerpiece

The kit also comes with a big, fringed centerpiece, as well as two smaller standups.

PR_Dino Wide Shot Table

The Table Decorating kit really pulls together a heroic decorating scheme, this one also featuring our customizable Happy Birthday Banner Kit, which you can personalize with your child’s birthday age.

PR Swirlies

Our Power Rangers Dino Charge Hanging Swirl Decorations can really give your décor a sense of verticality, not to mention a sense of pure awesomeness!

PR Balloon Bouquet

Every party needs balloons! Luckily, we have a Power Rangers Balloon Bouquet that perfectly fits the bill. We also have some simple Dino Charge Printed Latex Balloons, which are perfect for increasing the volume of inflatables at your little hero’s celebration.

PR Air Walker

But to totally bring the WOW! factor to your kid’s party, you’ve simply got to get this amazing Dino Charge Red Ranger Airwalker foil balloon.  It’s 5 and a half feet tall!  Fill it with helium and it barely floats above the ground, appearing to “walk” around the living room! (Don’t forget to get a helium tank for all your balloon inflating needs!)

PR Pinata

This Dino Charge Red Ranger Piñata combines a totally cool 3D decoration with a tried and true favorite party activity.
Before you hang it from a tree branch in the backyard and the mini-Rangers take turns attempting to release the delicious candy hidden inside, why not use it as the focal point of your indoor decoration scheme?

Power Rangers_Dino LS (12)

If you’re looking for snack and treat ideas, we’ve got you covered there, too.

PR_Dino Cupcakes

These are simple store-bought cupcakes, but they came dressed to party in our Blue Lightning cupcake wrappers.

PR Candles

If you decide to go the more traditional cake route, consider topping it off with this Dino Charge Birthday Candle Set.

Or, you can use the candles to top chocolate frosted brownie treats, like we did here.

Power Rangers_Dino LS (11)

(The best part of doing these photo shoots is when we’re done, we get to eat this stuff!)

PR_Dino Cookies

These are just sugar cookies, frosted with the colors of the Power Rangers, then topped with yellow Sixlet candies arranged in the shape of the show’s lightning bolt logo.

Power Rangers Pudding Cups

These pudding cup snacks are as clever as they are tasty. It’s just vanilla pudding, with crushed golden Oreos added in one corner of the cup, then a tiny plastic dinosaur is placed on top.  Your kid might have some around the house, but if not, these will certainly fit the bill.  If you look at it the right way, it almost looks like the little dino is crawling out of the primordial ooze!–only the real primordial ooze probably didn’t taste like vanilla pudding.  We guess it tasted more … um, primordial oozey.

Now, when you’re selecting favors for your kid’s party, think about these as options:

PR Favor Collage

Clockwise from top left, we have temporary tattoos, paper Power Rangers masks, paddle balls, and our mega mix party favor value pack, in which you’ll get 6 different small favors, enough for 8 different party guests.

Alternatively, you could decide to get pre-filled favor boxes.

PR Favor Box

In each favor box, you’ll get a paddle ball, a rubber bracelet, a frisbee, a glow stick lanyard, and a blowout noisemaker.  You’ll be sure to send all the guests home happy from your little Ranger’s party.

The evil Sledge doesn’t want anyone to be happy.


Help your little hero fight the forces of evil by throwing them the perfect Power Rangers party, with supplies from BirthdayExpress. Go Go Dino Charge!

Check out all of our Power Rangers Dino Charge party supplies at BirthdayExpress!

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