Personalized SpongeBob SquarePants Party

SpongeBob SquarePants came onto the scene about fifteen years ago, rocketed to the top of the cartoon heap, and stayed there.

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Kids think he’s hilarious. Parents love his positive attitude. He remains a hugely popular birthday party theme, but we found a way to make your child’s SpongeBob SquarePants party stand out. Cast your child as the co-star!

Spongebob POD_LS (5)

We have tons of wonderful products that you can personalize with your child’s name and photo. Get everything you could possibly need with our Personalized SpongeBob SquarePants Party in a Box.

Spongebob POD_LS (4)

Adding a picture of your child to the party supplies will make them feel extra special on their special day.  These personalized dinner plates are complemented by these traditional dessert plates to maximize the SpongeBob fun.


And speaking of SpongeBob fun …

Spongebob POD_LS (3)

These cutlery packets are made by folding a napkin into thirds around a fork and spoon, secured with a piece of tape in back. Then add a short length of string or twine, threaded through a white LifeSavers candy that’s been painted with food dye to look like a nautical life preserver. Super cute.


Check out this great personalized centerpiece, featuring a photo of your child and perfect for your dining room table.


Favor Box

These favor boxes are not only filled with tasty treats and fun favors, they’re also totally personalizable with the names of the guests!

Spongebob POD_LS (14)

When picking out balloons for the party, grab a cool foil balloon bouquet, featuring a SpongeBob rock and roll birthday serenade.

Spongebob POD_LS (17)

The focal point of our decoration scheme is this great personalized vinyl photo banner. We actually have two designs for you to choose from.

Banner Montage

You can choose to add a photo or just go with a personal birthday message, but either way, these banners are durable enough to last several birthdays!


For our party menu, we started with some refreshing Caribbean Sea Water, which is actually just blue sports drink.

Spongebob POD_LS (15)_edited


Don’t forget the SpongeBob cups!

Spongebob POD_LS (6)

These cute little fellas are just applesauce cups, turned upside down, with googly eyes and sharpie smiles. Adorable.

Spongebob POD_LS (7)

These cupcakes are topped with starfish cut from sheets of craft-store fondant, encased in polka-dot cupcake wrappers, and displayed on this awesome SpongeBob SquarePants cupcake stand.

Spongebob POD_LS (10)

These croissant sandwiches have olive eyes on toothpick antennas, creating more than a passing resemblance to SpongeBob’s pet snail Gary.





Even if you don’t know much about SpongeBob, you know his address. He lives in a pineapple under the sea. Everybody knows that. As such, pineapples are a big part of our theme.

Spongebob POD_LS (1)

Believe or not, those “pineapples” up there are actually just marshmallows, painted with yellow food dye, then drawn on with food coloring markers, and topped with green licorice vines. The jars are filled with Sixlet candies, as blue as the waters of Bikini Bottom.

Spongebob POD_LS (9)

This is a three-layer vanilla cake, with the top layer formed into more of a “dome” shape. It’s been frosted with vanilla icing, then covered with toasted coconut shavings and topped with candied dried pineapple rings. We cut leaves out of green scrapbook paper to finish off this work of art.

Are you inspired to throw a personalized party for your little SpongeBob fanatic?

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