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PAW Patrol is one of the most popular shows in the history of Nick Jr. Your child loves it, too, and it’s easy to see why. Cute puppies + high adventure = TV heaven for little ones. The leader of the PAW Patrol is a 10-year-old boy named Ryder, and his team of intrepid pups is made up of police pup Chase, firefighter pup Marshall, rescue pilot pup Skye, construction pup Rubble, water rescue pup Zuma, recycling pup Rocky, and a new addition, mountain rescue pup Everest. No matter the danger, these seven adorable, brave rescue puppies are ready to save the day. They always use teamwork and cooperation to keep Adventure Bay free from trouble. They don’t fight for attention or hog the spotlight. Every member of the team has their own skills that help to get the job done.  No job is too big and no pup is too small!  If your little one is PAW Patrol crazy, we have just what you need to throw the cutest, most pup-perrific, most pup-tastic, most pup-tacular party ever!


PAW Patrol Tableware and Party Supplies

Paw Patrol_Tableware

With everything from plates to cups to napkins  to tablecovers, we can help you turn your dining room into the most cute and colorful place this side of Adventure Bay.  If you want to maximize your budget, consider adding or swapping in some solid color party supplies, layering them together to really make the party pop. Top the cake with this adorable candle set.

PAW Patrol Party Favors

Combine tableware with party favors when you choose from our variety of keepsake drinkware:  from plastic cups and water bottles …

to dog bones,

Bone Cup

to fire hydrants!

Fire Hydrant Cup

You could also send party guests home happy with dog bone crayons, puppy ear headbands, sticker sheets, paper masks, frisbees, PAW Patrol erasers, tote bags, paddle ball games, silicone bracelets, and fire engines that Marshall the Dalmatian would be proud to drive. We even sell pre-filled PAW Patrol favor boxes for a one-click approach, or PAW Patrol favor buckets if you want to pick the favors out yourself.

PAW Patrol Decorations and Activities

Transform your living room into party central with this PAW patrol scene-setter and this jumbo letter banner kit. Keep your little pup guests busy with this “Pin the Badge on Chase” party game, and send the lucky winner home with this neat Award Ribbon. Or you could go for this PAW Patrol piñata kit, if you’re in the mood to have a bash. You can combine a decoration with a birthday gift if you opt for these giant wall decals, which are completely reusable and can be put up in the birthday boy or girl’s room after the party-goers have left. Since it just wouldn’t be a party without balloons, check out this PAW Patrol Balloon Bouquet, these cute paw print balloons, or these cool jumbo foil balloons. Or if you’re feeling crafty, you can make your own puppy balloons.

Paw Patrol_LS (2)

First, get some regular latex balloons, (we used blue and red, but you can use any color) and blow them up as normal.  Set them aside. Cut some big floppy puppy ears out of black construction paper (we used these black placemats) and tape them on either side of the balloon “head” (you know, where ears normally go). Cut out a rounded triangle for the puppy’s nose and tape it to the center of the balloon.  Now take these super-fun sticky eyes, and stick them to the balloon (they come in packages of 160, so unless you’re planning on making eighty balloon pups, you’ll have plenty left over for tons of fun crafty activities). Attach them to the ceiling using string or curling ribbon. They’re so simple, and they really add that extra something special to your child’s party. By the way, this would be a great pre-party activity for you and the birthday boy or girl to tackle together. He or she will love making their very own birthday balloon puppies!

 PAW Patrol Party Food Ideas

Paw Patrol_LS (3)

We took these glass cookie jars and taped a ribbon around them, gluing a police badge in the center to represent Chase the police pup. Then we filled them with fun snacks, like pretzel sticks (perfect for a nice game of pretend-puppy fetch), dog bone shaped graham crackers (they’re made by KeeblerTM, they’re called Scooby Snacks, and they’re delicious), and Rice KrispyTM treats that we cut into dog bone shapes using a cookie cutter. We used the same cookie cutter to make these cute little PB & J sandwiches.

Paw Patrol_LS (5)

Simple, delicious, healthy and so much fun to eat!

Paw Patrol_LS (7)Speaking of fun to eat, for these puppy water bowls, we made a batch of blue Jell-OTM and poured into some small white dishes, then just let them cool until the Jell-O was set.  Super cute, right?  If you wanted, you could totally have a “Dog Water Drinking Contest” among the party guests, where they have to eat their bowl of Jell-O with no hands, like a puppy would.  Just make sure to have extra napkins on hand!

Paw Patrol_LS (6)If you’d like to forgo the same old sheet-cake option this year, why not try this cupcake decorating idea?  You can use homemade or store-bought cupcakes for this one: Place an OreoTM cookie in the center of a frosted cupcake.  Above the cookie place three brown M & M’sTM, equally spaced apart. To get the same red striped look as we did, check out this cupcake wrapper kit.

PAW Patrol Costume and Dress-Up Ideas

PAW Patrol Costumes

We have three darling costumes ready for your little pup to dress up their special day! They can attend the party as Chase, as Marshall or as Skye. Plus, long after the party is over, and the guests have all gone home, your child can put on this costume to play pretend as their favorite pup, or just to wear around the house, or (and let’s be honest, here) they can beg you to let them wear it when you head out to the supermarket on your weekly grocery run. But at least you can rest easy that no matter what dangers befall you, in the produce section or in the cereal aisle, you’ll have a brave little puppy there with you to save the day!
Remember, as Ryder always says, “Whenever you’re in trouble, just yelp for help!”



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