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Paw Patrol, Paw Patrol, be there on the double! I don’t know about you, but in my house that song is on repeat 24/7! It gets stuck in my head all the time! My son recently turned 4 and Paw Patrol was his pick for his birthday party theme this year. And if his friends are any indication, Paw Patrol is going to be a very hot party theme this year for the preschool set!

Paw Patrol 1

Paw Patrol is a very sweet show. It centers around a main character named Ryder and his team of breed-specific rescue dogs. My little guy can rattle off their names so fast that you can hardly keep up with him! But, for the uninitiated, their names are Marshall, Rubble, Chase, Rocky, Zuma, Skye, and the newest addition, Everest.

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Since Paw Patrol is a newer show, all the party products are just now coming out and luckily for me (and you), Birthday Express has a TON of selection of cute Paw Patrol party supplies!

Paw Patrol 2

We had about 20 kids at our party, so I knew I needed to set up a very large table for them.


Paw Patrol 3

I set up two 6 foot-long tables with red linens and added these adorable puppy ears and dog bone straw cups from Birthday Express to each place setting.

Paw Patrol 4

Then, I added some simple centerpieces made from hat boxes and Paw Patrol printables on bamboo skewers, and some cute themed balloons. You can’t get easier than that!


For the favors, each of the kids got a Paw Patrol “doggie bag” filled with a themed plastic cup, an eraser, some dog bone crayons, and a cute sheet of stickers.


Paw Patrol 5

Then, they could use the bag to take home their bone cups and their dog ears. I made the simple “doggie bags” banner with my die-cut machine.

For the main dessert table, I had this backdrop designed by Party Pop Prints on Etsy and then printed by Print My Picture Online.

Paw Patrol 6

I added the characters from a vinyl wall decal package from Birthday Express. This package has a ton of large format stickers that I used all over the party. And he still has some left over to use in his room!  I added a simple royal blue linen and then topped it with 3 yards of Paw Patrol fabric that I bought off of Ebay because it’s really hard to find lately!

Paw Patrol 7

I added a simple bone shaped garland to the front of the table and we were all ready to go!

For our menu, we obviously had to have “Marshall’s hot dogs!” Every kid loves a hot dog, and adults usually do too!


My husband was grilling them to order so that no one had a “cold dog.”


Then, we added small servings of jello to make “Zuma’s water bowls,”


peanut butter truffle bones for “Chase’s dog treats,”


and these AMAZING sugar cookies by SemiSweet Confections for “Skye’s sugar cookies.” Lachlan was amazed by these and squealed when he saw them! The only problem was that the kids wanted one of each character!! Everyone talked about how gorgeous and amazing they were.


And, of course, we had a gorgeous cake for our 4 year old!


I’m sure you can tell by the pictures that my little guy had a pretty awesome time at his Paw Patrol party!





I hope this gives you some great ideas for Paw Patrol parties! I know there will be a lot of them coming your way soon!









Cookies: SemiSweet Confections

Backdrop Design: Party Pop Prints

Cake: Mad Lily Cakery

Large Format Printing: Shutterfly

Bone truffles: Sweet Belle Cakes


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