Miles from Tomorrowland Party

Miles From Tomorrowland is a huge new hit from Disney and the people who brought you Jake and the Neverland Pirates. Miles is a seven-year-old astronaut who’s always ready to blast off for action! Together with his best friend, the Robo-Ostrich M.E.R.C., he’s suiting up for adventure, and kids everywhere can’t get enough!

Check out this Miles from Tomorrowland party designed by the incomparable Brittany Schwaigert!

Miles is sure to be the star of a lot of birthday parties this year, and if your little one is begging for a Miles from Tomorrowland party like the rest of the crowd, BirthdayExpress has you covered with a wide selection of party supplies and a bunch of great party snack ideas.

Miles From Tomorrowland LS (9)

Get everything you need for your party when you go with our Express Value Party Pack!

Add some character to your party with a Miles from Tomorrowland tablecover featuring this fun print:


Miles From Tomorrowland LS (3)

Dinner plates, dessert plates, cups and napkins are also available á la carte.

Miles From Tomorrowland LS (4)

These color coordinated cutlery and napkin packets are dressed up with curling ribbon and stars cut out of glittery cardstock, and displayed in a planet-shaped vase.

Miles From Tomorrowland LS (1)

Turn a simple paper lantern in a paper saturn by cutting a ring from a piece of scrapbook paper and “wrapping” it around a paper lantern.  A star shaped piñata always makes a party out of this world. Get one of our Miles foil balloons, or go for the full balloon bouquet!

And now for the promised snack ideas!
Green and black grapes perfectly match the colors of the theme.

Grapes and crackers

What’s better than a cream cheese dip?  Cream cheese dip with extra cheese!  We used shredded cheddar, but your options are as limitless as the dairy aisle at your local grocery store. Miles From Tomorrowland LS (2)

A vanilla cake is dressed up by star sprinkles and hexagons (which match the party decor) cut out of sheets of fondant.

Miles From Tomorrowland LS (7)

These adorable alien cupcakes are made with these black and white striped cupcake wrappers and sugar candy eyes from the baking section of the local craft store.

Miles From Tomorrowland LS (6)

These galaxy cookies are just store bough chocolate macadamia nut cookies with blue frosting and star shaped sprinkles.

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