Little Fireman Party

Firemen have been cool since the days of the bucket brigade, when the stoutest men in the county lined up to pass buckets of water from man to man until the fire in Old Man Martin’s barn was finally quenched.  Even back then, every little pioneer boy wanted a spot on that brigade, and today is no different.  Even the Minions want in on the act.

Ask any little boy what they want to be when they grow up, and one of the most popular answers you’ll get is “fireman.” Fire fighters are the closest thing we’ve got in the real world to actual superheroes. They’re brave, selfless, and often very humble.  There’s a certain “Don’t thank me, ma’am. Just doing my job,” type vibe to them. Even as they race toward danger, they do it with a tremendous sense of duty. And it’s a good thing, too. Without them, fires would rage unchecked, people in peril would remain unrescued, and also, at the very least, there would be several thousand cats still stuck in trees, and nobody wants that.

And that would be awkward for everyone involved.

Least of all Squeakers here.

So be thankful your little guy wants to be a firefighter. The future kitties of the world will need him! Get him a headstart with a great birthday party featuring our new Little Fireman theme.

Little Fireman Tableware & Party Supplies

Firefigher POD_LS (1)

Not only do we have super-cute tableware for you to choose from, including plates, cups and napkins, but we also have products that are completely customizable, including these personalized plates, that can feature your little one’s name and photo! What better way to give a little something extra in honoring the birthday child?

And if you want to spring for some keepsake drinkware, something that can also double as a party favor for the guests to take home, check out these fantastic fire hydrant straw cups!

Fire Hydrant Cup

For another personalized touch, consider packaging the party favors in these adorable favor boxes.

Fire Truck Favor Box


Little Fireman Party Decorations and Activities

Firefigher_LS (11)


For the centerpiece of our Little Fireman Party decoration scheme, we decided to use this cityscape standup backdrop, adding yellow, orange and red streamers to represent the flames.

We used one of our fire truck pinatas as a table decoration, and later, after the cake and ice cream, it’s easy to hang it up and use it for its original intended purpose.
And if you prefer, we also have this adorable dalmatian pinata.

Dalmatian Pinata

Dalmatian is pretty much the word of the day, with the beloved Firehouse mascot adorning many of our Little Fireman products, as well as this cute jumbo air walker balloon.

Dalmatian Balloon

Or we also have these cute paw print balloons. But, if Dalmatians aren’t your thing, maybe you’ll like any of these options: balloons with fire helmets, ladders and axes, a jumbo foil Fire Truck balloon, or this great Fire Truck balloon bouquet.

Fire Truck Balloons




And here’s an alternate set-up for the birthday decorations, featuring our personalized heavy duty vinyl birthday banner.

Firefigher_POD LS


Little Fireman Dress-Up Ideas

All kids love to play dress-up. Give them a bit of a leg up with our excellent firefighter costumes and accessories.

From the simple to the more advanced, we have enough stuff to outfit everybody in the whole firehouse!

Check out these little heroes!

Firefighter Costume Montage

Up there, we’ve got a super-fun firefighter backpack, firefighter costumes in both tan and black, and an amazing fire helmet with flashing lights and a real siren!

But for a 5-alarm party, sometimes you’ve got to bring out the big guns:

Firefighter Costume Accessory 3

A firefighter backpack with a real working fire hose that shoots up to 30 feet!!!


Little Fireman Party Food Ideas

It’s not a party without tasty snacks, but if you’re looking for something a little different from the norm, or maybe just a way to add some more firefighter flair to the festivities, we have some really fun, yummy ideas for you to try out.

Firefigher_LS (2)

Here we have a bowl of crackers for “kindling” and some red, orange and yellow pepper slices. There’s some hummus in there at the bottom. You can’t see it, but you’ll just have to trust us.
We turned some juice boxes into little buildings on fire, just by using stuff available on our website:  The buildings are coated in wrapping paper, and the windows and flames are cut out of red and yellow placemats.

So there you have a nice healthy option for a party snack. For something a bit sweeter, try these cupcakes.

Firefigher_LS (1)


These are red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese icing and red sprinkles, swaddled in our Little Fireman cupcake wrappers. Those fiery mini-towers are simply Fruit Roll-Ups, well, rolled-up.

And here we have the true masterpiece:

Firefigher_LS (8)

These are what we like to call “S’Mores Sandwiches”.  Made with cinnamon bread, Nutella, peanut butter, and marshmallow fluff, they taste like heaven.  For a warm treat, try throwing these in a Panini maker, or butter the outsides and heat them up just like you would a grilled cheese. Absolutely delectable.

We know that planning your kid’s party can feel as stressful as a real emergency, but there’s no need to be “alarmed.”  Birthday Express is here to help your little future firefighter have the perfect birthday celebration!

To check out this fantastic theme in action, check out this fun post by our guest blogger, Brittany Schwaigert!

Have we inspired you to throw a 5-alarm blowout for your Little Fireman?
What kind of party theme should we feature next?
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