Jurassic World Party

Jurassic World is the highly anticipated sequel to the Jurassic World film.  The park has been open, and running smoothly, for over 20 years. But, just like in the original, something is about to go horribly, catastrophically wrong. The park’s scientists have created a genetically modified dinosaur they call the Indominus Rex.  It big, it’s mean, it’s nasty, and most importantly …

You probably loved the original Jurassic Park when you were a kid.  It was a worldwide phenomenon, after all, and its influences on film and pop culture are still felt today.  Plus, all kids go through a phase where they love dinosaurs, and for some kids, it goes way beyond a simple phase.  So it’s no surprise that your child is begging for a Jurassic World birthday party.

And at BirthdayExpress.com, we’ve got everything you need to need to transform your living room into Isla Nublar.

(That’s the island where Jurassic takes place.  But you already knew that, didn’t you?)

Check out our brand new Dinosaurs theme, available only from BirthdayExpress!

Take a look at how our Stylist-in-Residence, Brittany Schwaigert, designed a backyard Dinosaur party!

And if you’re looking for a little something extra, check out these amazing Jurassic World masks from Costume Express!

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Get awesome tableware to match the exciting theme of your party with plates, cups and napkins. Get everything you need in one of our Express Value Packs.

Jurassic World Tablecover

Plus, we have this awesomely fearsome plastic tablecover, featuring all of your kid’s favorite dinosaurs from the movie.

Jurassic World Cutlery Napkins

To dress up your tableware with a DIY touch, try out this fun crafty project.  Simply fold the napkin as shown, add cutlery and a straw in colors to match the theme, and tie the whole bundle together with some curling ribbon. The tag is made out of scrapbook paper, these scalloped labels, and some foam letters, which you can find at your local craft store. You could make one for each party guest, add their names, and use them as place setting markers!

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You can’t have a party without balloons, right? Well, we’ve got you covered there, with our Jurassic World Balloon Bouquet, featuring this Indominus Rex foil balloon. We also have a mini-menagerie of dinosaur inflatables–the ever-popular velociraptor, a brachiosaur (for you vegetarians out there) and this T-Rex, who’s rocking his very own safari-style sun hat.

Jurassic World Jumbo Balloon

For maximum inflatable ferocity, you need to get this jumbo starburst shaped foil balloon, showing off the super scary smiley faces of Indominus and Tyrannosaurus.

Jurassic World Pinata Kit

If you’re looking to turn up the action factor at your party, grab this Jurassic World pinata. T-Rex’s vision may be based on movement, but if you swing that whacking stick fast enough, he’ll never see it coming.

Jurassic World Door Poster

Let everybody know they’ve come to the right place with this huge Jurassic World door poster. Maybe you could put up a little sign that reads: “Doorbell broken, please ROAR for entry.” It would get all the guests in the dinosaur spirit.

Jurassic World Stand Up with kids (1)

If getting an actual T-Rex to show up to the celebration proves too difficult, you could always go for the next best thing: our enormous cardboard standup.  Let all the guests pose for photos doing their best “RUN AWAY!!!” face, then after the party you can print out the photos and send them with the Thank You notes as little mementos, or use them in a birthday scrapbook.

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For little decorations around the party, consider raiding the playroom for any dinosaur figurines that might already be rampaging around your house, or fill out the dino ranks with a trip to a toy store or the gift shop at the Natural History museum.  These also make fantastic door prizes for party games, or you can give them out as party favors.

Jurassic World Favor Box

If you’d rather vary your party favors, our pre-filled Jurassic World favor boxes come with a wide assortment of cool stuff.  From sticker sheets to mini-figurines to a Dinosaur foam plane, your party guests will find something they love to send them home happy.

Now for something every dinosaur loves: Food!

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When decorating the cake, the possibilities are only as limited as your imagination.

Jurassic World_LS Closeups (16)

This is a simple store-bought chocolate cake, but we scraped some of the icing off the top and crumbled chocolate cookies in its place, to look like dirt.  We decorated with candy eggs, bone-shaped sprinkles, and fondant leaves from the baking aisle at the craft store, as well as one of these little guys.

Jurassic World_LS Closeups (15)

This platter of green veggies and dino-shaped chicken nuggets has something for everybody, whether they be herbivores or carnivores!

Jurassic World_LS Closeups (13)

When filling out the menu for your party, always consider adding fruit cups featuring the colors of the theme–not only are they tasty, they’re healthy too.  These cupcakes came dressed to party in our Blue Lightning cupcake wrappers.  And these “Primordial Ooze Ponds” are just pistachio pudding topped with chopped nuts.

Jurassic World_LS Closeups (17)

And these Dino Eggs are made by hard boiling some eggs, letting them cool, then softly cracking their shells all over. Put eggs in a few separate bowls, cover the eggs in each bowl with a few drops of food dye, and move to the next bowl with the next color of food dye.  Place them in the fridge for at least 4 hours (overnight is fine, too).  Remove the shell and serve.  Totally simple, and so fun to eat!

Jurassic World Cupcakes

For these “Dinosaur Bone” snacks, we stuck a mini-marshmallow on each end of a pretzel stick, then covered the whole thing in melted white chocolate.  Once the chocolate is cool and hardened, you’ve got yourself a sweet and salty treat!

And speaking of dinosaur bones, we have a fantastic party activity for your aspiring paleontologist and all of his guests.

Archaeology Project

This mini archaeology kit comes with a little hardened piece of sandstone.  Somewhere hiding inside are the bones of a tiny dinosaur skeleton!  Using the included brush, hammer & chisel, the idea is to excavate each piece until you have the whole skeleton, which can then be pieced together to create a little fossilized favor!

Jurassic World_LS kids (3)

Be careful with that first tap of the hammer …

Jurassic World_LS kids (16)

… you never know what you might find!

Jurassic World_LS kids (15)

Patience and attention to detail are rewarded …

Jurassic World_LS kids (18)

… with what could be the discovery of a lifetime!

If your little dino-lover is fascinated by all things prehistoric, they’ll love digging up their own dinosaur bones, almost as much as they love Jurassic World!

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